Find Your Center with Zencoder Cloud-based Batch Video Encoding

Find Your Center with Zencoder Cloud-based Batch Video Encoding

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Zencoder has expanded their services to continue as a leader in the field. The new services include a cloud-based batch processing of video encoding and transcoding. Now you can push your whole library through the system and get out multiple formats and sizes to reach the largest audience available.

Zencoder’s new cloud-based batch encoding allows content publishers to accommodate distribution to a growing number of Internet-connected devices.

As a special offer, now through June 5th, all WebM transcodes will be discounted 50% (some restrictions may apply). This not only highlights the growing interest in the format but also gives you a good reason to test out their new cloud-based encoding service.

“Our batch encoder makes it easy for content providers to adopt new video technologies, whether that is WebM, adaptive bitrate streaming, or HD,” said Jon Dahl, Zencoder CEO and co-founder.

The major benefit of the cloud-based encoding of videos is speed. You can literally line up thousands of videos and let them process all without having to keep an eye on things. Plus, there’s no need ot invest in a massive server farm to do all of the processing. Zencoder has you covered in that regards. Through their REST API you can quickly get up and running with the new services and start transcoding that existing video to expand your audience reach.

To sign up for a free Zencoder account, visit:

The thing I like about a service like this is that if you’ve got a fat stack of videos you need to transcode, even HD, this is a pretty quick way to do it. You could of course build your own servers and buy something like Sorenson but I think that all the overhead on that would be far more than using Zencoder. Plus, if you just want to quickly do all the video you’ve already got and then do any news videos in-house, it’s a fine solution. Some of us have hundreds or thousands of videos in our catalogs that we’d like to transcode into formats for new platforms without incurring an ongoing cost because of it and Zencoder seems like a good candidate on that end.

Now I haven’t tried the service and I’m currently on a train in the Czech countryside (life and technology rock!) so I can’t test it presently but I’ll do so as soon as I can and give you a quick heads up on what I think.


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