YuMe Reports Supports Cross-Platform Video Advertising Effectiveness

YuMe Reports Supports Cross-Platform Video Advertising Effectiveness

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There have been several reports talking about increased effectiveness of ad campaigns when they go cross platform. Some have included TV, print and other media as well as online. As Daisy Whitney mentioned yesterday, YuMe and Nielsen teamed up on a new whitepaper, Dual-Platform Campaigns: Using Online Video to Enhance the Reach and Performance of TV, which looked at, obviously, online video to boost TV ad performance.

Diving Deeper Into The YuMe & Nielsen Cross-Platform Study

Many of these reports have already shown some pretty significant brand uplift and purchase intent increase in the past. This whitepaper looks more at things like:

  • How much incremental reach is achieved through online video compared with TV alone?
  • What percent of the audience is exposed to both TV and online video flights, and what implications
    does this have for frequency?
  • Does the combination of TV and online video improve cost efficiency?

They coupled a $500k online video ad buy with a $2.6M TV ad buy for a major CPG brand.

Mainly they focused and reported on:

  • Attitudinal performance comparisons between online video and TV in terms of brand and message recall
  • Performance for respondents that are exposed to both online video and TV
  • The performance of YuMe compared with video ad network norms

The Methodology

I’m always a stickler for methods and given that YuMe is a video ad network it’s important to know what they were looking at and how they gathered the data. The data sources included Nielsen TV/Internet Data Fusion, which integrates Nielsen’s National People Meter Panel with the Nielsen Netview panel to obtain a clear picture of cross-platform reach, as well as Nielsen National Television Ratings, Nielsen Monitor-Plus, and Nielsen IMS software.

YuMe also incorporated a concurrent Nielsen IAG study on the same campaign. The IAG respondent
pool included the following:

  • 1,188 respondents who were exposed to the campaign (including 7-day post exposure)
  • 96 cross-media respondents who were exposed to the same campaign on both TV and online on a previous 7-day exposure
  • Over 70% of respondents were over 35 years old.

The Findings

I won’t go through all of their findings, you can read the actual whitepaper for that.

Here are the major key findings:

  • 14% increase in reach for the targeted 35-54 age demographic during the combined tv/online video campaign
  • YuMe online video outperformed TV with a 22% increase in brand recall and 31% increase in message recall one day post exposure
  • Efficiency of the online video spend was nearly double that of the concurrent TV spend, and the cost per point (CPP) was reduced by 11 percent
  • Nearly 9 million people in the targeted 35-54 age demographic were exposed to the campaign on multiple screens.
  • Online video advertising on the YuMe network increased reach against the A35 – 54 audience by
    7 percentage points
  • Average frequency independent of screen increased dramatically: effective 3+ reach increased by
    31%, while 6+ reach increased by 52%
  • The eCPM of the entire campaign fell by almost 11% due to the much lower cost per point for
    optimized online video placements compared with the cost per point for TV.

I guess it could all be summed up with one sentence.

Although less than one-sixth the cost of the TV schedule, the $500,000 spend invested in the YuMe network drove 59 additional gross rating points (GRPs), an increase of 34% from the original TV schedule. Online video dollars make TV dollars work harder

After that, the whitepaper goes on to tout YuMe’s better performance over other video advertising networks. Of course, that’s coming from YuMe and Nielsen, who partnered with them on this whitepaper, so a grain of salt. Really, they dedicate a page and a half of the six page report to this and even give themselves props in the summation. Read the whole Dual-Platform Campaigns: Using Online Video to Enhance the Reach and Performance of TV whitepaper.

Sure, the numbers and info are cool, but really guys, if you’re going to do something like this, I think you really need to have a 3rd party put it all together for you. This has your own fingerprints all over it which, at least in my eyes, lessens the impact of the numbers. It’s all about presentation and this screams “look at how cool we are!” Sorry, YuMe, you know I love you, even though GDN isn’t on your network (which is a shame as we had one video this month with over 12,000 mostly under-monetized views), but reports touting your own effectiveness need to be hands off or else it’s like…well, doing your own employee evaluation reports, right?


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