YuMe Launches New ‘InSynch’ Video Takover Ad Unit

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yume-logo-video-adsNo it’s not a virtual boy band that is going to take over the web (man it had better not be!). No, really YuMe has launched an ultra-cool ad thing that might make you go Hmmm, but will definitely make you go Cool!

The InSynch Video takeover ad unit can actually synch up a banner ad and a video ad on the same page. That means that information can ‘bounce’ from ad to ad. That’s the part that will make you go Cool. The part that will make you go hmmm is the part where I’m not exactly sure how effective it will be outside of the cool factor. But I’m determined to find out. So I’m going to try to get YuMe to hook MeMe up with InSynch and see how it does.

Pretty much how it works is like this, you’ve got an in-stream video ad playing, and the entire page is then able to become a canvas on which to paint your product. Things could be in the video and them head off into a banner ad or even into the page itself (not exactly sure how much I like that idea).

Well, I think it’s worth a look see, so YuMe, call MeMe (or email me) and let’s SeeSee if we can test this thing out. They’ve got to have some video game related inventory there no?

Oh right, if you want to check out a demo of the InSynch ads for yourself, head over here.


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