YuMe 2009 In-Stream Video Ad Network Trends and Analysis

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With over 3 billion video ad impressions YuMe is a leading online video advertising network. They currently have over 500 publishers on-board, so quite popular one might argue.

They recently put out a report for Jan-Nov 2009 that showed how they saw their business (but may not be accurately used to extrapolate for the industry as a whole).

“YuMe statistics presented in this report are generated from data recorded with every ad request and ad served in the YuMe network and received by YuMe’s platform. The statistics are solely representative of YuMe’s network and may not be a reflection of the overall online video marketplace

They saw that the biggest spender in online video for their network were Household consumer products, Autos, Beauty and food products. Household products was about 17% of their total with the next coming in at 14, 12 and 8.6%.

The majority of ads for those 11 months were pre-roll (96%) with small fractions being overlay, in-banner or custom ads. Of those pre-rolls they were broken down into 15 and 30 second spots. In regards to completion more 15 second pre-roll (77%) were watched entirely than 30 second (64%) but the CTR (click through Rate) was higher for 30 seconds (1.8% versus 1.2%). The latter half of the year seems to show people far less patient with overall completion dropping from around 75% for Q1 and Q2 to 67% in Q3.

Who was doing all the clicking? The younger and older it seems. the 6-14 demographic showed a 3.7% CTR while the 35+ showed 1.9%. Those demographics also had the lowest and highest completion percentages. In contrast, the most sought after demographics were people 25-54 (partly overlaps with the 35+) and people 18-49 (also overlaps partly). So the most effective clickers are the least targeted it seems. Of note is also that the lowest CTR was people 18-34 and 25-49, after 12-17 (again not targeted at all so moot really).

While both showed remarkable growth Q1-Q2 (45% for 15s and 57% for 30s), 30 second spots grew faster in the latter half of the year showing 16% from Q2 to Q3 with 15 second spots only showing a 7% growth.

Oddly, YuMe says that pre-rolls are less effective than custom products including their InSynch Video Takeover and PowerRoll items. Now remember, this is their report we’re talking about and only pertains to information on their network.

To read the full report head to: http://www.yumenetworks.com/resources_downloads/YuMe_Video_Ad_Metrics_Dec09.pdf


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