YouTube’s September On the Rise Winner is Gone to the Snow Dogs, Here’s Why

YouTube’s September On the Rise Winner is Gone to the Snow Dogs, Here’s Why

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Proving that YouTube isn’t just ruled by cats exclusively, Gone to the Snow Dogs has won September’s YouTube “On the Rise” contest.  A growing theme from this contest is that highly accessible channels, with creators who care a lot about their audiences, have been nominated time and again.  The nominees are always superb in answering comments in general, and drumming up goodwill where people are more likely to vote for them.  Let’s take a look at the average video from Gone to the Snow Dogs and see what pushed them to the top this month.

Gone to the Snow Dogs: Sept. ‘On the Rise’ Featured Channel

Channel creator Jessica has three Siberian Huskies: Shiloh, Shelby, and Oakley.  The biggest hit of the channel came from being featured on Animal Planet as Shiloh and Shelby “sang a duet” and became a mini-YouTube sensation (with over 200,000 views) back in 2010:

There are a steady amount of videos with 10,000 views and more.  This video, in which she gives her Huskies a new pool, was one of them:

And Jessica wasn’t above a “Somebody I Used to Know” Gotye parody, either, and called it “Some Owner I Used to Know.”  It had over 14,000 views, and it goes to show that no matter what kind of channel you have, you can find a way to leverage something huge to give your videos a boost:

Speaking of which, Gone to the Snow Dogs even had a “S*** Siberian Husky Owners Say” video:

What comes through in these videos is a true love for the dogs, and that’s where the fans of this channel have shown their appreciation.  You don’t see Siberian Huskies every day, and these are on display regularly: Gone to the Snow Dogs has over 350 videos and they range from cute to informational: there are a number of videos where Jessica lays out all the details about the good, the bad, and the ugly about owning these dogs.  But honestly, don’t you want one, no matter the cost?

Here is Jessica and her dogs shouting out her fans for the win:

Content certainly matters, and in this case it’s easy: have some cute dogs and show how much you love them in a variety of situations.  But what clearly shows here is Jessica’s love for the fans and eager to interact with them through comments and answering questions.  You can build a good audience that way.   And certainly Gone to the Snow Dogs has done that.


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