YouTube’s Crowdsourced Film, Life In A Day, Premieres This Thursday

YouTube’s Crowdsourced Film, Life In A Day, Premieres This Thursday

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We’ve written a lot about Life In A Day here at ReelSEO, and with good reason.  It is, to my knowledge, the very first Hollywood film created from video clips shot by amateurs.  That gimmick alone would make the movie worth checking out, I believe, but there’s reason to believe they may have actually created something compelling and artistic.

The “they” I refer to, of course, is the producing/directing team of Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald.  And the reason I have to think the film might be good comes in the form of the sneak previews Scott and Macdonald have let us glimpse online thus far.  Like this one:

Or this one:

I’ll be honest.  You can count me in the camp of people who were skeptical at first that Life In A Day could ever be more than a stunt.  In fact, when we first learned about the project, I said this:

“To call this documentary “experimental” would be an

understatement.  Exactly what kind of videos is Scott thinking he’s going to get here?  Will it just be mundane things like people brushing teeth and weeding gardens?  Or should he brace for more shocking and more moving or artistic videos?  And that’s kind of the point, I guess.  They have no idea what they’re going to get… There is simply no telling what kind of footage this project will yield.  It could end up being poignant and beautiful.  Or it could be the most boring thing ever put to film.  But either way, you kind of have to admire the sheer creative guts behind this thing.”

But now that we’ve glimpsed some of the raw footage, and have seen the teaser trailers, I’m actually genuinely excited about this film. This is what we want, people. We want video projects that create an insane amount of buzz while also challenging the very idea of what video is supposed to be. Until Life In A Day came along, video was not supposed to be something built on the contributions of thousands of amateur filmmakers. After this week, though, all that might change.

Life In A Day premieres this week at the Sundance Film Festival, and online, on Thursday night, at 8:15 Pacific Time. If you miss the live streaming presentation, you will be able to find the film in select movie theaters around the country in the coming weeks. I’m sure it’ll also be available online in some form at some point in time.

Me? I’m there. I’ve got my popcorn and my laptop ready to go, and I managed to free up the evening just so I could watch. It’s possible that Life In A Day could still turn out average or bland. But the opposite is also possible, and the film could wow viewers and critics with poignancy and artistic merit. And that’s the reason I’ll be watching. I want to be able to say I was there in the beginning, the first time Hollywood considered its audience as a viable part of the creation process.


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