YouTube’s New Channel Design is Live for a Few Creators

YouTube’s New Channel Design is Live for a Few Creators

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Seven YouTube channels now have the new channel layout that we talked about last week, and we appear to be heading for even more “Google-plussing” of the site, as these channels all have mostly a plain white background with a simple banner at the top, and a few sections underneath that include “Recent Activity,” “What to Watch Next,” and “Recently Watched,” including all the other stuff you’re accustomed to on channel pages.  The seven channels that currently have the new layout are iJustine, Epic Meal Time, DeStorm, SORTED, Mystery Guitar Man, Geek & Sundry, and LOUD.

YouTube’s New Channel Layout – February 2013

This not only means a different look for those who watch the channels, but also different features for those who run the channels.  iJustine is the author of today’s YouTube Creator Blog post, and she also came out with a video describing all the new features (and even shows us all the changes that have happened to her channel over the last 7 years):

Here’s a look at Epic Meal Time’s new design:


One thing that iJustine talks about in the video is how there are tags for everything now, including playlists, and you can group playlists by common tags and display them on the channel page.

And with all that, all these changes, there’s still one thing that bothers me to no end, and I’ve mentioned this several times before…YOU STILL CAN’T KEEP PEOPLE ON THE CHANNEL PAGE WHEN YOU CLICK ON VIDEOS.  It still takes you to your everyday YouTube page, which to me makes anything about the emphasis on channel pages null and void.  I will never understand why YouTube, which is so focused on emphasizing channels, is still re-directing people away from the channel every time they click on a video.

It seems like, to me, that keeping someone on your channel could be tremendously valuable, so being able to watch the videos within the channel would be great. I’m guessing this still has to do with wanting to be able to tell people, “Hey, you’re on YouTube, there are other videos from other creators out there…check out our suggested videos…don’t get lost in one creator’s channel,” but if that’s the reason then they’re being silly.

Here are some suggestions from iJustine on preparing for the new layout, which can only be coming soon to your own channel:

1. Create A Channel Trailer to Get People to Subscribe

Welcome people to your new channel with a video succinctly explaining why they should subscribe.  And you can have this trailer come on automatically for only those who aren’t subscribed, which is a pretty cool feature.

This is SORTED’s look at the new YouTube design, and “subscribe” video:

Here’s Geek & Sundry’s:

2. Create Channel Art

This might be a little irksome, since channel design is pretty much…white, with a banner at the top.  So it’s all about the banner, and how you want it to look on TV, tablet, mobile, and so on.  This handy link will take you to the “Channel Art Guidelines” which will tell you all you need to know about creating the look of your channel.

I expect these changes will be met with typical venom from the YouTube community.  What do you think of the new channel design?


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