Youtube Search Ranking Factors – Optimize for Youtube

Youtube Search Ranking Factors – Optimize for Youtube

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Here is some more information for those of you hoping to learn video SEO, optimization, and marketing techniques for Youtube. There is a ton of opportunity on Youtube if you have the right video content to attract a relevant audience. Additionally, we all know that since Google launched universal search, the opportunity is even greater in terms of ability to show your Youtube video prominently within organic search results. So the question then becomes, how do I optimize my video content for high rankings withing Youtube. Additionally, what do I need to do to achieve rankings for my Youtube video within Google’s organic search results.

Regarding Youtube Ranking Factors:
When searching on Youtube, there are 4 ways to sort the Video results on the SERP. This really presents 4 options in terms of optimization for rankings – Relevance, Date Added, View County, and Rating….

In terms of ranking for “Date”, “View Count”, and “Rating”, techniques are fairly straightforward. Just be the most recent or have the most Views/Ratings ;-)

But, ranking high by relevance is an entirely different story. The way that Youtube and Google algorithms work is proprietary to Google and therefore, information is purely speculative in terms of the specific on-page and off-page factors that affect ranking and position.

We know that it is important when uploading your video to optimize multiple variables including variables like: title, description, Views, Link popularity, file size, encoding, etc… For more information regarding tips and techniques related to these and other factors, view our Guide for Youtube Optimization.

However, here are 3 factors that we think are also important for obtaining high ranking within Youtube itself (more here).

  1. The number of times that has been voted your video by the other users and of the average rating obtained in the votes. The users can choose the level of acceptance of your video by means of a system of rating at the time of voting and making comments on your videos. For this Reason the video must have a good acceptance between the users to help to that the ranking in Youtube is good.
  2. The Number of times that your video has been viewed by the users. In this factor it is necessary to consider the viral power that has your videos. If these are shared and recommended between the users, the number of people who see your videos will multiply.
  3. Finally, another factor to consider at the time of obtaining a high ranking in Youtube is the number of times that your videos have been bookmarked by other users.

Therefore, do your best to interact with the Youtube community, encourage comments and ratings when uploading your video to Youtube.


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