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Marketing on youtube.com is a rapidly growing method of online marketing for many web site owners. And as youtube’s popularity continues to increase daily, using youtube as a method of free traffic generation for your site, it’s a sure recipe for success.

When crating your video, be sure to take QUALITY into account. In other words choose top notch music, record your voice well, and use images (whether motion or still visuals) that compliment the message that you want to convey.For the online entrepreneur (the web site owner seeking to make money online) the purpose of your youtube video is to bring traffic to your site.

With that in mind there are three elements to include in every video that you place on youtube.

(1) Make sure that the viewer understands exactly what you are offering.

What this means is clearly state the benefits to them of what they will receive when they come to your site. Because as buyers (consumers) we ask the question, “what’s in it for me?” that will help you to put into words what your message will be. It’s not a list of how many of something you have, or how good it is. But what the result will be if they start using your product or service.

(2) Where are YOU and how do they find you?

The web world’s equivalent of a phone number is your URL. Place this at the beginning and end of your video. And if the visuals permit, also place it along the bottom of the video screen in a “lower third”. Remember that not all viewers will watch all the way to the end of the video, so be sure to get YOUR url in front of them more than once.

(3) A call to action

They watched your video … and now what?

Drawing the visitor from youtube’s site to yours is a little like bringing the yellow pages FROM the yellow pages book to your web site (or even having them pick up the phone.) Once they are on your site they are now a captive audience with no distractions from your competitors. But in order to bring the visitor to your site, they need some instructions (some direction.) This is called a call to action.

Examples of this might include, “for more information about …”, or “to receive your free report on …. “, “to learn more about how XZY product can help your business …”.

Finally, youtube will limit your video to ten minutes in duration. But that doesn’t mean you have to make your video the maximum length. Often the most effective infomercial site web videos are short, sweet and to the point. To keep the attention of your viewer, your promotional message can be conveyed in only a few short minutes.

NON video components of video marketing using youtube.com.

For the online entrepreneur (the web site owner seeking to make money online) the purpose of your youtube video is to bring traffic to your site. But before you are able to bring traffic from your youtube video to your web site, you first need viewers to see your video.

Assuming that in your niche there’s a demand for the information that you are providing, the first step is to upload your video to youtube’s site. As part of this process you’ll be Title (naming your video), a description, adding tags (keywords), and also placing your video into a category from the list of category choices.

Begin by doing a little research on the correct keywords for your industry. Find out what keywords people are using to search for. But this is not a “guessing” process. Similar to choosing a new niche to enter, be sure that there is a demand for your product or service. Are people willing to part with their money to purchase what you have? And if they are, what keywords do they enter into a search engine to find what you are selling.

This process is important for two reasons.

(1) Youtube itself has its own built-in search feature. For your video to be found by searchers, the correct keywords must be in all three of the following: (a) the title (b) the keyword tags, and (c) the description.

(2) Youtube’s site is indexed by search engines and placed within THEIR database. Yes google and other search engines gets some of its content from youtube. So the typed components (as listed above) need to be keyword rich to attract the right viewers, rather than a random selection of those who are there to see what’s new.

How to get started:


Your most important keyword should be in the first one to three words of your title. (And a longer descriptive title is better than a short one of only a few words.)


This is where many video marketers go wrong. The first thing to appear should always be your URL, followed by a hard return. This is because it will make a clickable link to your web site. Next, put as many words as possible in your description. More often than not, a youtube marketer will only put one or two sentences. But a longer description (for example 500 to 1000 words) is better. Remember that spidering robots index text. So give them a little food to work with.


These are your keywords. Separate them with spaces.


Choose the best fit from the choices provided.

Here is an example of a video making use of all three of these elements.

Best video formats, the size, the upload process, and few things to watch out for.

After creating your youtube video you need to export or render your video. If you’re working on a PC, the best format to export to is WMV. On a mac, it’s QuickTime.

What about the size (resolution) of your video? Does it matter?

If the goal is a clear video, then yes the output size DOES matter. A video on youtube.com is displayed at 425 (width) by 355 (height). The reason it’s important to be aware, is because if you create a video on your computer at 720 X 480, then export (render) it to 360 X 240 (or smaller) then when it is encoded by youtube, it will be s t r e t c h e d. (Not a good thing.) What does a stretched video look like? Blurry.

If your video is part of your marketing strategy, then clarity and quality are essential.

Although on a windows PC you can export your file to AVI format (which is the highest quality) you won’t be able to upload it because it will be larger than the maximum allowable size. (One quick side note: the maximum length you will be permitting to upload is 10 minutes duration.)

A compressed video must be used. The wmv format will always give good quality while reducing the size of the file.

To avoid your video being stretched, export (render) it close to the size you made the video (typically 720 X 480). In the case of 720 X 480, the online version will be about 75%.

Don’t render it to 360 X 240 as this is smaller than the online size. In the encoding process on youtube they will be INCREASING the size by roughly 50% of the file you have uploaded. It’s best to make it close to – or a little bigger than the size they will display it at. Then it can be REDUCED if necessary during the encoding process rather than stretched.

Once your video rendering is done, then it’s time to preview it on your computer. Check it on your computer before uploading, to make sure it is clean, and all your effects are exactly as expected.

Now it’s time to upload.

After logging in to your account, click the button on the left UPLOAD A VIDEO. After typing your title, description, tags, and placing it in a category, now you’re ready to upload the file. Uploading itself may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file.

Before jumping off to another site to promote your new creation we still need to check a few things first. Wait until the video has been added to the site. (This may take a few minutes to a half hour.)

You’ll know your video is ready to be previewed online when a little part of your video is now viewable in the preview screen and the title of the video is now clickable.

Does the image represent well the content of your video? If not you will have to make a few changes to the video and upload it again. But editing an existing video on youtube isn’t allowed you will have to start from step one again (as if you were uploading a new video.)

If the preview image on the screen is acceptable now it’s time to watch your video.

Does the online version of your video look as good as the one you watched? If so, you’re done and ready to start marketing and promoting your new video.

If it’s blurry, then it will be necessary to go back to your editing software and re-render to another format or size; then repeat the process over again. If it’s necessary to do this, be sure to delete the original video you uploaded so you don’t have two versions of the same video (one good one and one bad one).

In a recent experiment I uploaded three marketing videos. The only difference between the three files was the size that I rendered to. One was sized at 100% (720 X 480). The second was sized at 75% (which in this case is very close to the size that is used on the youtube site. The third was at 50% (remember that if I was to use 50% then as I upload it, the web site will increase its size). The first two were virtually identical. But the one that was reduced had a slight blurry look through the entire video.

Here are two examples of an identical video. The ONLY difference in the output was the size.

(1) The following video was rendered at 360 X 240 (50% of the original size)

(2) The following video was rendered at 720 X 480 (full size)


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