YouTube Unleashes Original Channels Initiative in Japan

YouTube Unleashes Original Channels Initiative in Japan

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YouTube has launched original channels in Japan, according to the YouTube Japan Blog (you’ll need Google Translate, and then you’ll need to sort of be able to translate what Google translate says).  Apparently, YouTube has struck a deal with 13 different producers, including established channels in Japan like Vicom, TBS, and Fuji TV.  YouTube continues to become more and more global, seeking to find a worldwide audience that will be attractive to advertisers on a level that even TV can’t reach.  Let’s take a look at some of what the original channels in Japan have to offer.

Hat tip, The Next Web.

Channels on YouTube Japan: Now and Later

When you see stories like this, you might wonder why they might be important to someone in the USA or elsewhere.  Well, since YouTube is almost everywhere around the world, and almost every video can be accessed by people in those countries, the opportunity to reach more people than you ever have before is waiting to be seized.  The importance of getting your videos translated into as many languages as possible becomes important as you gather a larger and larger audience.  Sure, it’s not important for everyone to do it, but those who seek a global audience should pay attention to the content that is popular in other areas around the world.

Also, it will be important for these foreign channels to translate their content.  There has got to be a horde of people who want to enjoy Japanese content, although it can be argued you don’t need to know what they’re saying to enjoy it.  At least one channel below, the Harajuku Kawaii channel, has English translation.

Here is a list of the channels, with some fun “I don’t know what they’re saying” videos to boot.

  • TBS-TV

“The Punishment of Women.”  It comes from creator anabatsu:

This seems to be a travel/lifestyle channel, with an emphasis on trains:

  • Fuji TV

Fuji is a network with five days of weekly programming with five unique shows, including this show called “Catherine the 13th” where they talk about some sort of Gatssuri Gourmet thing I’ve never heard of, but I’m sure is delicious:

It’s all about the Harajuku culture, with lots of cute girls, including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who brought us the near-40-million-viewed PonPonPon:

  • Up-Front Works Co., Ltd.

Opening up shop in early 2013, it seems to be a music channel in the offing.

  • Crypton Future Media Inc.

Details will be available in early 2013, but it appears to be a Japanese culture channel.

  • Wave Film Comics, Inc.

This is an anime channel from AnimeBancho that has a show called “Peeping Life,” although I’m pretty sure it’s not as salacious as it sounds:

This channel will arrive in December and will have comedy and entertainment, apparently.  I think some of it will be music.  But here’s a video:

  • TV Asahi Corporation

This channel is being created by people who apparently have nearly 100 million views on YouTube.  It arrives in early 2013.  I think they’re saying it will be a variety show or lots of shows with variety.

  • Dentsu

Another channel with very little information other than it comes out in early 2013.

  • Te Ni Corporation

Here’s content that doesn’t need much translation.  From ExtremeDrivingTV, fast cars:

  • Vice Media

This channel will arrive in December and cover online video, books, movies, and music.  Vice already has a presence in other countries, and its channel has 450,000 subscribers and over 75 million views.  Here’s the teaser for Japan:

  • Den of Horror

Japan is certainly known for its unique brand of horror, so it’s no surprise one of the original channels would be horror-related, and it has a cool name too.  Here’s a teaser:

Fun stuff for Japan and those who love Japanese culture.  It’ll be interesting to see how these channels fare compared to the ones that have been released here and in Europe.


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