Google Makes Video Advertising Easier, Merges YouTube TrueView With AdWords Dashboard

Google Makes Video Advertising Easier, Merges YouTube TrueView With AdWords Dashboard

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Back in December 2010, the Google’s Inside AdWords Blog announced a new family of ad formats called TrueView Video Ads. Then in April 2012, the Official YouTube Blog announced Google AdWords for video.

However, video advertisers quickly discovered that TrueView and AdWords for video weren’t exactly the same platform. You had to go to a special section within AdWords to create and manage your TrueView video campaigns. And you had to jump back and forth when you wanted to report and optimize across all your campaigns. And you couldn’t take advantage of AdWords bulk tools for your video campaigns. But now, TrueView is joining Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns within the AdWords interface.

According to Google, the new functionality gives the user “simplicity of a single interface and a more consistent experience”, which should make it much easier to optimize across different campaigns. Also, managers who set up video advertising campaigns can take advantage of bulk management tools when working on multiple TrueView campaigns.

YouTube Trueview Joins Forces with Google Adwords

Now, let’s take a quick tour to see what’s changed. In the top left corner of AdWords, you will now find the campaign type selector, which allows you to select certain types of campaign formats, i.e selecting the ‘Video’ option will only show campaigns similar to AdWords for video.Google functionality means that once you select an option, Adwords will remember your preferences for next time.

Campaign type selector

Going forward, traditional ad groups will replace targeting groups, .and every new ad group will have a single TrueView format, whether that’s in the form of in-stream or in-display. (Google merged TrueView In-Search and TrueView In-Display video ads into one ad format in April 2014.) Managers will still be able to run both in-stream and in-display ads in the same campaign.

Ad group creation

Now that TrueView has been given a seat at the big kids’ table in AdWords, you’ll have access to a ton of features designed to help you manage your account, optimize campaigns, and run reports. New functionality includes access to bulk UI editing which allows the update or modification of multiple ads at once. Mangers will also be able to set up a reporting schedule to not only run on a specific time and date, it can also be sent to account users on a regular basis.

Bulk edits

The Adwords dashboard will change slightly, so account managers will need to look in the AdWords shared library for video remarketing. If you want to link to a YouTube account, you’ll find that feature in the Linked accounts section.

Linking YouTube channels

Google Video Ads Under One Dashboard

The new features are being implemented today, so account managers can upgrade as soon as they become available. To upgrade, click on ‘All Video Campaigns’, in Adwords for Video, then switch over all campaign in the Upgrade Center. Google assures us that all historical data, including stats, will carry over automatically.  All campaigns will be upgraded eventually, starting mid October 2015. Google has provided a little more information on the dashboard merger for all account managers:



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