How to Use YouTube Subscribers in Email Marketing

How to Use YouTube Subscribers in Email Marketing

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If you have been building a solid subscriber following for your YouTube channel, have you ever thought about moving that subscriber list onto an email list? This option is really important if you offering products or services and want to reach those who are engaged enough to follow you via YouTube. An email marketing list is a vital asset for B2B and B2C businesses.

Transition YouTube Subscribers to an Email Marketing List

email database youtubeThe easiest way of doing this is to ask viewers and subscribers to visit your website and sign up for something in exchange for their email address. This should be something of value like a free guide, or a useful report, or some other kind of giveaway. You can use annotations that link to an external approved website address to do that.

How to Use Your Email Database

We spoke to Gideon Shalwick who indicated that, if you do it right, you should be able to build an email list that is 3x the size of your YouTube subscriber list. Why? Because you will be able to offer more value to customers via your site than you will be able to via YouTube. So, if you have 10,000 YouTube subscribers, there’s no reason why you should have 30,000 email addresses on your database.

You can use this email database to invite subscribers to:

  • Build a relationship with customers, and potential customers
  • Visit your site to view new products or services
  • Watch a new video

How to Sell Products and Services Via an Email List

If you have done the first few steps right, i.e. spend time consistently building a strong relationship and offering value for those on your email list then the easier it will be. The stronger the relationship you have with your audience, the less selling you will need to do. You should be able to introduce your products or services rather than just straight sell them. If your customers trust you because you have put the time and effort into building up a relationship, your conversion rates will also increase.

Around 10% of customers on an email can convert for you if you are doing email marketing right. The industry standard for conversion is around 1-3% so the more effort you put in (like adding YouTube subscribers to that email database) then the more chance you give your brand or business to succeed.

 Recap: Using YouTube for Your Email Marketing

  • Ask viewers to visit your site and offer them something of value in return for their email address
  • Offer valuable content and build a relationship with your clients and customers
  • You can offer more via your website than you can via YouTube so think what would be of value to those on your list. The more value you offer, the less chance you will have of people opting out

How have you interacted with your subscribers outside of YouTube? Let us know in the comments below!


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