YouTube Subscribe Buttons: How to Get Them for Your Website

YouTube Subscribe Buttons: How to Get Them for Your Website

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In the past we’ve talked about the idea of having a separate video website for your YouTube content, benefits and drawbacks of having a video website on your own versus as a YouTube channel, and ways you can use the two to work together.  Along those same lines, in today’s Creator’s Tip video we wanted to show you a few different ways that you can grab and integrate a YouTube subscribe button or channel subscription widget on your website.

Currently, there are three main methods that we know of to put a YouTube channel subscription button, widget, or link on your website.

1) YouTube Subscribe Link URL

Basically this is just a URL that will link directly to your subscription page.  The URL would be:

So, for ReelSEO, it would link here. 

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2) Subscribe Button and Icons

This is the newest option provided by YouTube in the Creator’s Corner, offers a ton of different icons or images you can use on your site to show a “subscribe to my YouTube channel” button.


What is important to remember with this option is you need to be sure you are logged into the channel you want this subscribe button to work for before you choose this option.  Once you are, simply choose it, copy the code that is provided (using Control-C or Command-C) and paste it where you would like it to show up on your website.

3) Embed a YouTube Subscription Widget Box

The next option will provide you with a simple subscription box that you can add easily to your website which allows viewers to simply click the subscribe button and it automatically subscribes them.  Here’s an example of what that looks like for

And, here’s the code you’ll need

<!-- Start of Youtube Subscription Box Embed Code -->
<iframe frameborder="0" id="fr" scrolling="no" 
style="border: 0px; height: 100px; background:#FFF; overflow-x: hidden; 
overflow-y: hidden; width: 300px;"></iframe>
<!-- End of Youtube Subscription Box Embed Code -->

QUESTION: Let us know what tips you have for driving website visitors to your YouTube channel!

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This week’s Creator’s Tip video we’re going to show you guys how to add subscription buttons and links to your website. That’s coming up.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we here at ReelSEO just do our best to help you guys who
make online video content know how to make that stuff perform the best on the web. And today we’re going to talk with you guys who have video websites for
your content. We talked about this earlier last year about the necessity of having a video website for your content and how to use it and the benefits it
can bring and different aspects it needs to have. You can click the annotation right here to go see that video interview we did here with Vidcaster. But
what I want to show you guys here today is two ways that you can integrate subscription methods into your video website. Each of them has some upsides and
some downsides, and I’m going to hope over to my computer and show you exactly how to use both of them right now.

I’ll link up to this full post below, Secret YouTube URLs to Help Boost Audience Interaction I wrote about two years ago here at ReelSEO. But two of the
links I want you to see are right here.

Here’s the first one, you can get a secret URL which is basically this right here – subscription [email protected]_user=username. And that will create a link that
will go straight to your subscription page. You can link to that anywhere you want. To give you an example of it, I’m going to copy it right here, just to
kind of give you – go to a new tab and going to add this as ReelSEO. And this is what pops up. It gives you the option to click subscribe or not, that’s
what it looks like. So that’s one.

The second one over here, is you can actually do a subscription box like this, so you can add that to your website pretty easily. We have that here in our
sidebar right over here, at We have this little video, latest video right on top. But then you can just click the subscribe button if you’d
like to. It gives you your channel name right here, I’m just using this one, my other channel right now as kind of a demonstration for this. And this one
actually doesn’t prompt you. You can just click subscribe and it will subscribe you straight to the ReelSEO channel. I’m going to unsubscribe for now so I
can show you another example.

And now the last one, I said there was two I actually lied, there’s three. This one is kind of newer. If you go to this link, and I will link to this below
also. Now this is the Creator’s Corner right on YouTube’s website and they give you a couple different icons, different images you can use. You can select
more images here if you just want YouTube icons or IHeartYouTube or Subscribe to My Videos, As Seen On YouTube. You know they have a lot of different
images you can use here.

Let’s say I want to use the subscribe and when you click on it, those are very important, before you click on it, right here in the upper right hand corner
you have to be logged into the channel that you want this subscribe button to work for. And then once you are, you just click on it, it will give you some
code right here, you can just select the whole think. Control-C or Command-C whichever you are on, Mac or PC to copy that, and then you can paste it
wherever you want it into your website and it will make something that looks something like this. I’ve already copied the code into kind of a test post
here at It creates this image right here and when I click it, it will also take me to the ReelSEO YouTube channel and prompt me to subscribe
right here.

If you guys offer YouTube subscriptions on your video website, love to hear how you do that in the comments below and tell us anything you’ve learned from
that. Also, if this is your first time here welcome, we would love to have you subscribe for these Creator’s Tips videos that we do for you guys every
single week, make sure you check us out at for other awesome stuff we’re posting for you guys all
week long. All that, so check it out and guys I will see you next week right here for another Creator’s Tip
video I look forward to talk to you then. Bye.


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