YouTube Opens Production Studio Space in Los Angeles for Creators

YouTube Opens Production Studio Space in Los Angeles for Creators

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Back in July, YouTube opened up a creator space in London.  What the space offers is a place where creators can collaborate with other partners, learn new things, have access to high-quality equipment and studios.  Today, they are announcing a new space in Los Angeles, a 41,000 square foot facility in Playa Vista.  The opening of such a space is an exciting endeavor for future creators.  I know, what does a facility like this mean for someone in Wichita who can’t afford to come out to Los Angeles?  Well, if it’s a success, it seems to me that this could be the start of something big around the world.

YouTube Space Los Angeles

YouTube opened the space in an old helicopter hangar used in the Vietnam War that was also once part of Howard Hughes’ Hercules complex, where the Spruce Goose was created during World War II.

New Media Rockstars has a bunch of photos from the new creator space, as does the Los Angeles Times.  Now, you might want to know what the chances you have of participating in such a space might be.  Well, you have to be an established or emerging creator to get a shot, and over the age of 18.  What NMR found out were the following criteria:

  • Consistent publishing
  • Substantial monthly views
  • A large and growing subscriber base
  • At least three prior collaborations with other YouTube channels
  • A comprehensive plan for use of the space

So the criteria does limit the amount of people who can take part in this.  You have to show some proficiency in the YouTube world before they allow you to just run around an expensive studio, and that makes sense.  But I think this is sort of a trial period for a facility like this.  If it becomes a success, I can see more opening up in cities closer to home.  Think of it as a goal: learn how to navigate YouTube and build an audience, look forward to possibly being able to use a full-fledged studio in the future.

From the Los Angeles Times:

This wealth of resources is available — for free — to YouTube’s creators. “What we’ve learned over the last couple of years is the act of bringing creators together causes good thing to happen,” said Tom Pickett, vice president of global content operations for YouTube. “They cross-promote each other, they teach each other, they crew for each other. There really is this community element to being YouTube creators. In a few markets, we want to see if we can help facilitate that.”

That statement backs up the particular criterion of having collaborated with three or more channels, because they want people to be able to work together, get along, and create a community.  It also backs up the idea that YouTube is looking to create these studios in more markets.

Here’s the video YouTube released when they opened the studio in London:

The Los Angeles Times has a great article about the new space here.  If you want to learn more about the new YouTube spaces, you can go to YouTube’s own page about the facility.


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