YouTube Brings Us Stats For Nerds

YouTube Brings Us Stats For Nerds

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So, I’m messing around on YouTube this morning (as you do) and came across this new(ish?) feature which aims to give those who want to find out about the inner workings of the video that bit more feedback. YouTube has always provided the engagement statistics for a particular video (if they have been made public that is) but in the new menu, accessed via a right click of the mouse, they are showing us more of the techy stuff via ‘Stats For Nerds’. The nerdy info gives you frames per second, video resolution, time stamp in seconds and speed, amongst other metrics. Oh, it looks like the ‘stop download’ option was removed from their Flash and HTML5 players at the same time, which ties in with YouTube’s plan for faster load times.

Clicking on the “Stats for Nerds” CTA itself brings more info up on the screen. I found the info looking for the URL of the KMart “Ship Your Pants” video.  Let’s take look at a screenshot of that on a HTML5 player:

youtube menu

Clicking on the ‘Stats for Nerds’ command brings the following info up on screen for that particular video:

kmart menu stats

Clicking on ‘Copy video URL’ brings up this new feature:

youtube embed code

‘Stats for Nerds’ info looks slightly different for videos on a flash player:reelseo nerd stats


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