How to Leverage YouTube Statistics Tracking Tools: Interview with Socialblade [Creator’s Tip #42]

How to Leverage YouTube Statistics Tracking Tools: Interview with Socialblade [Creator’s Tip #42]

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip we’re going to be taking a look at how third-party statistics tracking & measurement tools for YouTube can help you improve your content and marketing strategies. We interviewed Jason Urgo, who runs, a free tool for tracking YouTube stats. Jason offers up some tips as to how to leverage statistics tracking tools like Socialblade to better understand your competition as well as evaluate your own efforts in YouTube.

Making Use of YouTube Statistics Tools

We all know that analytics are a very valuable thing to content creators, because it allows them to alter their content and strategies based upon what is working and what isn’t. Making use of this information requires constant attention, so it’s extremely valuable to find a good set of tools that can serve long-term.

What is Socialblade?

“I guess over the years been a couple of different things.  But sort of the niche it’s found to be the go-to place to go to look at your YouTube statistics as well as anyone else’s…” Says Urgo.

You may be asking why socialblade even exists, since Youtube offers extensive analytics already using private data. While socialblade cannot offer the same information that Youtube can, what they can do is offer you statistics on your competitors. This allows you to look at how their videos are doing, and make any necessary changes in order to remain competitive yourself. This is all public information, but socialblade gathers it into one convenient area. They also offer two statistics that are more calculated: estimated earnings and an SV score.

Estimated earnings are exactly what they sound like. Socialblade takes several factors, like how much you make per cost per click,  and averages them to give you your estimated earnings. An SV score is slightly more complicated.

“…Socialblade provides an SV score which is sort of, it looks at a whole bunch of different matrix like how many views you’re getting, how many people have you in their other channels box, things like that, and it ranks your influence on there, so that’s another calculated matrix.” Urgo explains.

This score can also project approximately how many subscribers you will get in the future. All other information is taken directly from Youtube.

Helping the Little Guys

There are other sites besides Youtube that offer comparable services to socialblade, so the question remains: why choose them? To start off, the fact that they’re free is a nice benefit. Those calculated statistics are also unique to them, providing a nice tool that other sites don’t offer. What probably appeals to newer content creators the most, however, is their subscription policy. Sites with comparable services usually have a subscription base requirement. If you don’t have the required number of subscribers, you can’t make use of their services. Socialblade has a requirement of five subscribers, which anyone should be able to meet easily.

There are a ton of other features, including some new ones in the works, available on their website. Check out the video above for more details, and be sure to visit their website to see for yourself at

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip we’re going to talk with this guy named Ergo about analytics on YouTube and how we can use them to better our content and video marketing strategies.

Hey guys my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip here at Reel SEO. We’re going to talk with this guy here named Jason Ergo, he runs the site called Social Blade and he does a lot of things with YouTube statistics and he’s going to help us today understand how we can better understand our YouTube analytics and decisions and choices we can for them both as content creators and as marketers. So, Ergo could you just tell us really quickly what is for people who haven’t heard of it before.

Sure, I guess over the years it’s been a couple of different things. But sort of the niche it’s found to be the go-to place to go to look at your YouTube statistics as well as anyone else’s as well.

You can spy on other people and see how they’re doing and compare them to yours. Alright.


Okay, cool. So how are analytics important for us as creators and marketers and how can we use some of the content, the data that analytics shows us to make better decisions about either the videos you’re creating or the marketing strategies we’re working on? How have you seen that analytics work best for that kind of stuff?

Well I mean, in video, for the videos in general and the content you’re creating there it’s really useful to see what videos are performing well so you know that if you try, in general with advertising and all sorts of things you always here about A/B testing so you try this, you try that, you try to see what things are performing better than other things and go with, obviously the things that are going well.

So if you see this content did really well, this content didn’t and you kind of can start to make choices of this kind of content is regularly doing well, this kind of content is regularly doing poorly. How much time would you expect someone would have to monitor that kind of stuff before they could start making, I mean is it like this video versus this video type of thing?

To be honest, it’s really an on-going thing. I mean in general YouTube is such a dynamic marketplace and things are changing all the time, people’s interests are changing so it’s really something you’ve got to be on top of I’d say continually.

So, here’s an interesting thing. YouTube already provides an awesome analytics system. I like it, it looks all pretty and graphs and charts and numbers. That stuff is really helpful. So why does Social Blade exist? What is different about Social Blade and how can we use that in ways that YouTube Analytics can’t help us?

You make a really good point. YouTube really does provide a lot of things that Social Blade isn’t able to provide because YouTube doesn’t make that public like where specifically people are watching from. However, what Social Blade aims to do is provide sort of a common ground where you can, again, track not only your own statistics but you can also look at all your competitors and see if you have a similar channel or you have an inspiration you look at their stats, you see how they’re doing, see how they are performing for their videos as well and you can basically you’re stalking them in a way but it’s benefiting you.

So essentially it sounds like it’s opens up everyone’s analytics to the public?

In general what Social Blade does is it uses YouTube’s API, a public API, Google is huge on data. So it’s not using anything that it’s not supposed to be using. It’s all public information.

And so as actual accurate date from analytics, it’s not like some of these, we’ve done studies and interviewed people and here’s what we think type of thing. This is like legit statistics around the market.

Yeah, the only thing I would say that Social Blade has that’s sort of a calculated statistics, well I’d say there’s two of them, there’s estimated earnings which people love to see on the site as well.

Which range from like $100 to $2000.

Yeah, right, so what we do for that is we take an average low CPM or how much you make for cost per views and then average high and we give a range there, so that information isn’t made public so that is an estimation there. And then also Social Blade provides an SV score which is sort of, it looks at a whole bunch of different matrix like how many views you’re getting, how many people have you in their other channels box, things like that, and it ranks your influence on there, so that’s another calculated matrix. Everything else is really direct from YouTube.

And calculated as far as how long it’s going to take you to reach a certain subscription, like subscriber account level?

Well that too. For the subscribers it’s easy. If you’re gaining 5 or 6 subscribers on average a day it can project based on that average what you will get in the future.

Cool. I’ve checked ReelSEO on there and a lot of my personal Vlog channels and other stuff I do there and guys, I really do like Social Blade and it’s got a lot of really good information. I’m not just saying that cause I got Ergo on here to talk cause I really like it. And it’s free, it’s totally 100% free and not charging for any of it, so there’s nothing to lose just to kind of go check it out. There are some other sites that kind of do something similar to this, Ergo, what’s different about Social Blade compared to some of those other websites?

One of the things, we’ve been around for almost 2 years now and from day one I set it aside, cause some of the other ones you need to have a huge base of subscribers or other things to be able to get tracked by them. Social Blade as long as you have 5 subscribers which you go to your mom, your dad, a couple of friends…

Create two other accounts.

Yeah, you can get on the site there. So I mean, we’re open to the public in that sense there. Like I mentioned, we have the estimated earnings and the other sites aren’t doing any of that. We provide some free promotion. Not only can you check your stats, if you do a little of extra work on there, which is free, basically add my channel to my other channels box you get promoted for free. And then we’re also, at the moment expanding a lot of community outreach type things. We’ve got a new chat room going for example and more things coming soon for that. And then the new partner program that we just started up not only helping promote people, we’re able to bring people in as full partners as well.

That’s awesome. Awesome. Well guys go check out, that’s where you’ll find all this analytic goodness. And it’s been really helpful for me to just kind of figure some stuff out and make decisions and I feel like, the one thing I think that it does really well, probably better than YouTube Analytics is giving a big picture overview of here’s where you’ve been and here’s where you’re going, and you can kind of do that with YouTube Analytics by setting like the date range to like a year but Social Blade kind of has it all set out.

It’s quicker.

Yeah, and it makes more sense to me. So I really like it. Good stuff. Thank you guys for hanging out with us for another Creator’s Tip video. If this is your first time, we do these videos for you guys every week, every Thursday and so if you’re not subscribed make sure you click the button above this video here on YouTube. We’d love to have you join us for these videos and lots of awesome goodness that we have coming for you guys on a regular basis. So thanks for hanging out and we’ll see you guys again next week for another Creator’s Tip video. Bye.

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