20th Century Fox Gets YouTube Stars To Promote “Chronicle”

20th Century Fox Gets YouTube Stars To Promote “Chronicle”

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20th Century Fox has teamed with Big Frame, a YouTube talent company, to produce videos promoting their new movie Chronicle opening on February 3.  And Chronicle is the perfect type of movie to get some YouTube promotion, as it is one of the latest films to use this-is-really-happening video, “found footage,” very much like Cloverfield did a few years ago by adding crazy special effects.  Big Frame got YouTube stars DeStorm, MrDeshawnRaw, and Mystery Guitar Man in on the act, a subscriber base of more than 3.5 million.

More Great Creative Advertising From 20th Century Fox

Fox was behind last year’s “Ape With AK-47” that promoted Rise of the Planet of the Apes, so their marketing team is very with it when it comes to branded content.  The idea that Fox has for Chronicle is to have these YouTubers promote/spoof the movie with the theme of “dangers of telekinesis.”  First, we’ll take a look at the official trailer for Chronicle, which looks pretty awesome:

As I will discuss next week, Chronicle is one of the most-viewed movie trailers on YouTube right now, and this one has over 7 million.

DeFrame released this telekinesis video, with a special appearance by Mystery Guitar Man:

MrDeshawnRaw is set to have an infomercial rap about telekinesis, which sounds pretty fun.  There’s no doubt that next week’s “Movie Trailers” article is going to be loaded with Chronicle content.

Fox’ approach to movie marketing on YouTube has been fantastic, and shows that when you have good content you can increase engagement.  They had two sides of the coin last year: Rise of the Planet of the Apes with its “Ape With AK-47” was a surprise huge hit for the studio.  But it didn’t work for another property, In Time, and its “Crazy Guy Cuts Off Parking Meter With Saw” video.  The video was good, but the movie wasn’t appealing enough, and the video didn’t scream “In Time” either.  The ape video has nearly 20 million views, while the crazy chainsaw video was just under a million.  It’s easy to see which campaign worked better.

I think Chronicle will fit into the “successful” category, since the movie is full of curiosities, and they are getting a huge potential audience through the three YouTube stars.  I can’t wait to see the new videos over the next week before the movie arrives.


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