New YouTube Sponsored Cards Offer Extra Income for Creators

New YouTube Sponsored Cards Offer Extra Income for Creators

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In addition to its other advertising formats, YouTube has launched another for creators who are monetizing their video content on the site. YouTube confirms that the new Cards will ‘display content that may be relevant’ to that featured in your video, such as different products or services.

Creators won’t need to do a thing to start benefiting from the new Sponsored Cards. If you have set up the monetization feature for your videos then YouTube will automatically activate the cards across your content. You’ll start earning revenue from advertising once advertisers begin using the format to promote their products.

New Ad Format: YouTube Sponsored Cards

YouTube appears to be rolling out this feature incrementally, so if it isn’t live for you right now, it should be soon. Once active, viewers will see a teaser for the sponsored card which will last just a few seconds. They can then choose to click on the Card icon – which will appear in the top right-hand corner of the video they are watching – to access further information about the sponsored content.

The new Cards, just like Interactive Cards, will appear against videos not only on desktop, but on mobile devices. Considering that over 50% of YouTube views come via smartphones and tablets, this mobile-friendly functionality is absolutely essential for both creators and advertisers alike.

Youtube Sponsored cards

YouTube Advertising Formats

If your YouTube account is in good standing, you should be able to monetize most or all of your video content. This gives you the option of earning revenue from advertising placed against your content, which could add up to a decent income if you generate a considerable number of views for your channel. In addition to the new Sponsored Cards, YouTube offer the following advertising formats any creator can opt in to:

YouTube advertising formats November 2015

Has the new YouTube Sponsored Cards featured been enabled on your account? Let us know in the comments below.


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