YouTube Drives Most Engaged Social Referrals, StumbleUpon the Least

YouTube Drives Most Engaged Social Referrals, StumbleUpon the Least

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Any brand or company that’s investing in social media marketing needs to know how it’s working for them in terms of engagement. By understanding user behavior per platform, resources and budget can be allocated, or re-allocated as necessary and strategies can be implemented accordingly. A new study from Shareaholic, which tracks 250 million users visiting its network of 200,000 publishers, examined the average visit duration, pages per visit, and bounce rate for each of the top eight social media platforms, and the results showed that YouTube not only drove the most engaged traffic, but it also had the lowest bounce rate and longest visit duration.

YouTube Referral Traffic is Golden

From the data recorded over a 7 month period by Shareaholic, referral traffic from YouTube proved to attract the longest time spent on site by users (227.82 seconds), as well as generating the highest pages per view per visit at 2.99. The bounce rate was also favorably low (43.19%) compared to sites like StumbleUpon (67%) and Facebook (56%). We know that video content lends itself exceptionally well to social sharing and if a video is engaging, viewers are likely to want to investigate that brand further. YouTube viewers are also more likely to devote more time to watching video content and are prepared to put in the extra seconds or minutes, which can be a huge win for a savvy brand or marketer.

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Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest

Google+ and LinkedIn drive fewer referrals, but the traffic is pretty valuable. Google + has an average of 2.45 page views during each visit, and a reasonable bounce rate of 50.1%. LinkedIn users spend 2.23 minutes on each link they click, view 2.23 pages with each visit, and only bounce 51.% of the time. A visitor referral from Twitter is comparable to one from Facebook, in terms of pages per visit, bounce rate and time spent on site. StumbleUpon fared the worst of out the 8 sites identified.


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