YouTube Searches Now Part of Google Trends

YouTube Searches Now Part of Google Trends

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Did you ever wonder what exactly people are looking for on YouTube, and try to make sense of it all?  Kevin Allocca, the YouTube Trends manager, took to the YouTube Trends blog today and announced that YouTube searches are now a part of Google Trends.  Searches going all the way back to 2008 are represented on it, and you can try to make sense of the data by narrowing your search.  Allocca loves pointing out that fun little spiky graph that comes up when you enter Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and showing all the peaks on Friday that occur with that song.  He’s right, that’s pretty fun, and it gives you the key to understanding what people are searching for during a particular time.

YouTube Searches on Google Trends

This is pretty exciting news for those of you who are looking to “tentpole,” or find a popular search term to ride for popularity, or just plain looking for interesting data about videos you love.  YouTube Trends already has the graphs ready for “Harlem Shake” and “goats,” the two biggest YouTube sensations of the year thus far.  So I figured I’d enter my own, for “Grand Theft Auto:”


Those peaks usually happen on…Sunday.  I couldn’t really figure it out.  Remember, this is a YouTube search, so what makes people look for Grand Theft Auto on Sunday?  Because it’s not the crime, it’s definitely the game.  There are a few peaks for Saturday but Sunday dominates it.  Enter in a Google search and some documentary called “Sunday Driver” comes up.  Maybe people are thinking about the documentary on Sunday?  Weird.  But it’s still fun to look at.

Anyway, to get the YouTube search results, go to Google Trends and type whatever topic you want into it.  When it takes you to the next page, you want to select “Limit to” and “YouTube Search.”  You can search for multiple search terms together and compare the data against each other, as YouTube Trends did with “cat,” “dog,” and “goat,” to illustrate the peak in goat searches in the past 90 days.  Really, you can play with it any way your imagination runs.  Cool feature!


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