YouTube Removes Free Keyword Tool, Encourages Paid Option

YouTube Removes Free Keyword Tool, Encourages Paid Option

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Google is waging a constant war to stop the manipulation of its search results, the impact of which has seen some industry-changing algorithmic updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, and the ‘not-provided’ cap on organic keyword data in Google Analytics. For SEO’s and Video SEO’s this has made optimization a more challenging pursuit, but has certainly gone a long way to cleaning up the results returned to the user.

YouTube Keyword Tool is No More

Keyword research has been the cornerstone of search engine optimization since the discipline began, and although the YouTube Keyword Tool was never the most enlightening or robust, it certainly gave marketers and creators an insight into what they could and should be ranking for. However, it looks like YouTube has taken its free Keyword Tool down as of the beginning of September, and marketers are being encouraged to use Adwords for data about which keyterms are driving traffic to their videos. Adwords isn’t free to use (although the fee can be kept to a reasonable minimum depending on the campaign parameters), and those who want to discover which key phrases that are working for them will have to pay for the privilege.

If you go to the keyword tool –, You’ll now receive this message:

youtube keyword tool

The cached version of the page gives readers the following message:

The YouTube ads keyword tool will be disabled on September 1st. We recommend using Display Planner in AdWords for AdWords for video keyword suggestions.

youtube keyword tool down

We’ll be giving you tips over the next few days about different keyword tools you can use, as well as how to use Adwords to give you the data you need. H/T to Gianluca Fiorelli & Rusty Brick for the heads up.


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