YouTube Sends Envoys, Plays and Money to Push Video Advertising

YouTube Sends Envoys, Plays and Money to Push Video Advertising

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This morning, Baljeet Singh, YouTube group product manager, introduced a number of new products, resources, and tools aimed at helping “even more businesses play big with video.”  In other words, YouTube is sending envoys, plays and money to boost video advertising via Google AdWords for video.

Now, you wouldn’t think that AdWords for video needed a boost.  YouTube had 860 million unique visitors worldwide and 170 million unique visitors in the United States during March 2012, according to the DoubleClick Ad Planner.  So, YouTube advertisers can feel like they’re advertising on the Summer Olympics or Super Bowl every month.  And one video can launch a business, as the Orabrush success story demonstrates.

And, according to the latest comScore Video Metrix data, Americans viewed more than 8.3 billion video ads in March 2012, representing an all-time high.  But Hulu delivered another month of record video ad views at more than 1.7 billion, while Google Sites – driven primarily by – ranked second with more than 1.2 billion video ads during the month.  And even though comScore only counts streaming-video advertising and not other types of video monetization, such as overlays, branded players, and matching banner ads, you’ve got to figure that Google would rather be #1.

So, Singh made four big announcements.

1) Google Adwords for Video Opens to All

First, Google has added some new features and benefits to AdWords for video and opened it up to all. For example, advertisers can create an account and start promoting their first video in less than 10 minutes.  To see that for yourself, watch “Getting Started with AdWords for Video.”  It’s only 7 minutes and 30 seconds long.

With AdWords for video advertisers can:

  • Find the right audience: AdWords for video provides a range of options to reach the right audience. For example, advertisers can promote their video by keyword to appear in YouTube search results, or advertisers can choose to show their ad against content their customers are most interested in – such as sports or music.
  • Measure the effectiveness of ad spending: On average, YouTube has found that video ads drive a 20 percent increase in traffic to a company’s website and a 5 percent increase in searches for their business. With AdWords for video, advertisers can see how many viewers watched their entire video, visited their website, stayed on their channel to watch another video, or subscribed to their channel, after viewing their ad.
  • Only pay for engaged views: With TrueView video ads, advertisers only pay when viewers choose to watch their ad. This means their ad budget is focused on viewers interested in their video. And by displaying a call-to-action overlay on their video advertisers can talk about a sale or specific offer to their viewers, share more information about their business, or drive traffic to their website.

2) YouTube Sends Money – $50 Million

Second, YouTube is giving away $50 million in free Google AdWords advertising to help 500,000 businesses to get into video. If advertisers are new to AdWords, they can receive a $75 credit toward video advertising when they sign up for AdWords for video. To put that into context, with $75 their video campaign can reach more than 1,500 of their most valuable customers on YouTube for one month.

3) YouTube Advertiser Playbook

Third, YouTube has created an Advertiser Playbook.  When a rebel sympathizer smuggled me a new copy of Version 2 of the YouTube Creator Playbook two months ago, I mentioned that there wasn’t a single, solitary mention of advertising in the 91-page document. Now, there’s a 122-page step-by-step guide that shares best practices and tips on how video can be a core part of a company’s advertising program.

The Advertiser Playbook covers everything from creating interesting content to promoting their video with ads. It also includes several case studies, including the Rokenbok Toy Company success story.  If advertisers need help creating a video, YouTube’s My Business Story free tool advertisers can use to create their first video. And as with all AdWords advertisers, advertisers can also call YouTube’s free phone support line, 866-2-GOOGLE, to get started with AdWords for video.

4) YouTube Ambassador Program

Fourth, YouTube has created an Ambassador program. To recognize business owners that are already using YouTube to grow their business, YouTube is naming 9 businesses from across the country to its first ever Ambassador Program. These businesses have seen outstanding success in reaching new customers, building a brand, and engaging their fans with video.

In summary, YouTube has introduced a number of new products, resources, and tools that should help even more businesses launch video advertising campaigns.  That’s good news for the 30,000+ YouTube partners in 27 countries around the world.  Currently, hundreds of partners are making six figures a year.  Who knows, by sending envoys, plays and money to new advertisers, YouTube may also be helping thousands of partners to make six figures a year in the foreseeable future.


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