How Is YouTube Promoting Comedy Week? Highlighting Stars, Being Funny

How Is YouTube Promoting Comedy Week? Highlighting Stars, Being Funny

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The thing I like about this upcoming YouTube Comedy Week is that it’s a big mixture of Hollywood and established YouTube stars getting together and establishing that this will be a high-wattage affair with tons of people you recognize on and off YouTube.  But even the people who are “off” YouTube are trying to establish themselves: the JASH channel has established comedy stars such as Sarah Silverman, who have started their own shows on YouTube.  The Lonely Island can thank Saturday Night Live and Andy Samberg for being so well-liked, but their YouTube presence has led to some of the top-viewed videos on the site.

YouTube’s Promos for Comedy Week

The latest promo has none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger in it:

All week last week they had a bunch of promos with The Lonely Island, Epic Rap Battles, Grace Helbig, Epic Meal Time, Jake and Amir, Ryan Higa, Sarah Silverman, and Rainn Wilson.

My favorite of the bunch involves all of them.  Grace Helbig’s reaction to something Harley Morenstein says is priceless.  And I love Rainn Wilson’s reply to the mysterious announcer voice when he says, “I’m doing it.:”

“Who Will Win?”

“Rap” (which gets Epic Rap Battles and Epic Meal Time together)



“Fake Laughing”

“Seven Straight Days”


All of this to show that YouTube isn’t merely announcing that there’s a comedy week and sitting back and hoping people will watch it.  They’re promoting it with funny people and it looks like with the Arnold Schwarzenegger promo, there might be quite a few surprises in store as well.

We already got a mini-glimpse what to expect with this when The Lonely Island released this hilarious video about “Spring Break” (with some bad language):

I’m sure there will be even more promo fun this week.  I’m looking forward to it.  There should be some rather choice mash-ups and surprises with this, and most importantly, lots of hilarity in which to look forward.


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