YouTube Promoted Videos Now Showing Up In Google Video Search Results

YouTube Promoted Videos Now Showing Up In Google Video Search Results

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Google took to their Adwords blog today (with another mention on the YouTube blog) to tell the world about some major new changes to the YouTube Promoted Videos program. Promoted Videos is a way for businesses and video creators to get paid placement on YouTube that help drive views to a specific video. Now, however, the same system is being rolled out to Google Video Search, mobile, and even YouTube’s TrueView (YouTube’s ad-choice system for pre-roll ads).

YouTube Promoted Videos Now In Google Video Results

The biggest of the three changes is that those enrolled in the YouTube Promoted Videos program can opt to have their clips included in Google search results… just like Adwords.

Now, this only works with Google Video Search–not standard search. And that makes sense: roll it out first on the Video vertical because that’s where you can better guarantee that users are actually seeking video content. However, I think we’ll see it on Google proper soon enough.

Also, this only works in the U.S., which is a fairly common way that Google employs to limit the scope of new systems like this. Again, I think it’ll expand beyond the U.S. pretty soon.

Here’s a screenshot Google provided of Promoted Videos on Google Video Search pages, with annotations below:

When users enter your search terms (A) on (B), they could see your Promoted Video ad above or to the right (C) of the organic search results (D).

YouTube Promoted Videos On YouTube Mobile

YouTube is also going to roll out the capability for Promoted Videos to show up on YouTube Mobile. This means that your video, a thumbnail, and a description will all show up on YouTube Mobile searches. Here’s the screenshot of what that will look like:

Sadly, the only timetable given by Google for this feature is “soon,” which doesn’t give us a lot to go on. That could mean tomorrow… or six months from now. But it’s good to know that Promoted Videos on YouTube Mobile is in the works.

YouTube Promoted Videos On TrueView System

You may or may not be aware, but there were some changes with Promoted Videos recently that moved it from a cost-per-click to a cost-per-view system. This is significantly better for advertisers, because it means they only pay for videos that are clicked and viewed… as opposed to the old system where sometimes they had to pay for clicks even when the user immediately clicked away.

So, with that shift complete, YouTube is now ready to start integrating Promoted Videos with TrueView. TrueView is YouTube’s ad-choice system that allows users to choose which ad they’d prefer to see before watching their intended video.

This is another victory for advertisers. As recently as a month ago, YouTube said that those who watch ads willingly are more than 75% more engaged with those ads.

The bad news is, yet again, that there is no specific timetable for when this feature will be officially turned on–the Adwords blog only says “in the coming months.”


YouTube is continuing to create new ways for advertisers to get their video content in front of the right viewers. Leveraging search (both on Google Video and YouTube Mobile) ensures that the ads are targeting viewers who are already searching for a related theme or topic.

And giving Promoted Videos participants the chance to use TrueView is gold–they’ll only pay when a video is purposefully selected for viewing, and they’re far more likely to have their message heard as a result of the viewer being more invested because of that selection.

What do you think? Any Promoted Videos users out there that would like to weigh in on these updates and improvements… we’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.


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