YouTube Playlist Tweak Gives Viewers Better Way to Curate Videos

YouTube Playlist Tweak Gives Viewers Better Way to Curate Videos

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Any little thing that YouTube does to make the user experience better is big news. This time round, it is a few simple tweaks to the playlist feature on the site that gives users more control and access to finding the content they want to watch. This means less time clicking and more time viewing videos.

Per the YouTube Creator Blog post, the devs have given playlists some attention which resulted in a couple modified features. For example, users are now able to collect favorite playlists into one place and then access that right from the Guide.

This will help viewers discover more content as long as creators are properly using playlists. So here are a couple ways to use them.

  1. Content specific – Lots of videos about say, cats? Make that into a single playlist.
  2. Category specific – Lots of videos that are product reviews?
  3. Genre specific – Creating several sci-fi series or multiple runs of video game videos?
  4. Show/Series specific – Of course, each show or series you are making has its own playlist.
  5. Product specific – Each product you have should have its own playlist with videos related to it.

By utilizing playlists in multiple ways different subsets of users will find the content they want on your channel or channels and be able to favorite the specific playlist that interests them. So when you publish the next video to that playlist, they’ll have a new area to be notified about it. That could raise views and interest in your videos and channels.

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To help facilitate that, the YT devs also added some playlist reports in YouTube Analytics to give you some insight into how the playlists impact your channel and videos. They offer stats like number of video views from a playlist, number of playlist watch starts, average time watched, etc.

The data available in the reports now already goes back nearly three months so it has been in the works for some time.


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