YouTube Signs Up Celebrity Talent For New YouTube Partner Channels

YouTube Signs Up Celebrity Talent For New YouTube Partner Channels

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One of the worst kept secrets in all of the online video world is now public knowledge. After months of rumor and speculation that YouTube was running all over Hollywood signing up big name talent to form the basis for a push into original premium content, the company has finally announced the first batch of new custom YouTube channels.

Introducing The New YouTube Partner Channels

And some of the names are impressive, indeed. We’re talking about people like Rainn Wilson, Shaq, Madonna, Amy Poehler, Ashton Kutcher, Deepak Chopra, Tony Hawk, & Jay-Z–to name just a few.

This is pretty huge news, despite the fact that we all knew by now that this was coming. YouTube has seriously big goals, including a legitimate challenge to cable companies for viewers’ eyeballs and time. And while they have outrageous numbers in terms of viewers and total content on the site, it’s going to take a push into premium content in order to put YouTube on the same level as someone like Comcast in the eyes of consumers.

Here’s the full list of launch channels for this new premium content program, which will begin showing up over the next few months:

  • Partner, channel name
  • Alchemy Networks, Alchemy Networks
  • Alli Sports, Alli Sports
  • Bedrocket Media Ventures, Official Comedy
  • Bedrocket Media Ventures and Full Picture Productions, Look TV
  • Bedrocket Media Ventures & Wasserman Media Group, Network A
  • BermanBraun, theLOGE
  • BermanBraun & Rodale Inc., Vigor
  • BermanBraun & Rodale Inc., Taste
  • Big Frame, BAM
  • Black Box TV, Black Box TV (Anthony E. Zuiker, Tony E. Valenzuela, and Collective Digital Studio)
  • Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report
  • Brady Haran, DeepSkyVideos
  • Brady Haran, numberphile
  • CafeMom, CafeMom Studios
  • Chopra Media/Generate, The Chopra Well
  • Clevver Media, ClevverStyle
  • Clevver Media, ClevverNews
  • Clevver Media, ClevverTeVe
  • Comedy Shaq Network, The Comedy Shaq Network
  • Cooking Up a Story, Food Farmer Earth
  • DanceOn, DanceOn
  • DECA, KinCommunity
  • Demand Media, eHow Home
  • Demand Media, LIVESTRONG
  • Demand Media, eHow Pets & Animals
  • Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG), Spaces
  • East of Center Productions LLC, YOMYOMF
  • Electus, Pop Culture Channel (name TBD)
  • Electus NuevOn, Latin Channel
  • Electus, Food Channel (name TBD)
  • Emil Rensing International, Auto Channel (name TBD)
  • EQAL, u look haute!
  • Everyday Health, Inc., Everyday Health TV
  • FAWN by Michelle Phan
  • Fine Brothers Productions, MyMusic
  • Frederator Networks, Channel Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover
  • FremantleMedia Channel, Pets & Animal (name TBD)
  • Hearst Magazines, Fashion & Beauty Channel (name TBD)
  • Hearst Magazines, Car and Driver Television
  • Iconic, Life and Times
  • IconicTV, 123UnoDosTres
  • IconicTV, myISH
  • IGN Entertainment / Shine Group, START
  • Intelligent Television, Intelligent Channel
  • Jon M. Chu, Dance Channel (name TBD)
  • Katalyst, Thrash Lab
  • Knights of Good Productions, Geek & Sundry (with Felicia Day)
  • Lionsgate, Lionsgate Fitness Channel
  • Machinima, Machinima
  • Magical Elves and InStyle magazine, Little Black Dress
  • Maker Studios, The Maker Music Network
  • Maker Studios, The Moms’ View
  • Maker Studios, Tutele
  • Meredith Corporation and Meredith Video Studios, Digs
  • ModernMom, ModernMom Channel
  • Mondo Media, New Animators
  • monotransistor, werevertumorro
  • My Damn Channel, My Damn Channel: Live
  • New Nation Networks, New Nation Networks
  • Pharrell Williams, i am OTHER
  • Philip Defranco, Sourcefed
  • Pitchfork, Pitchfork TV
  • PMC, PMC Entertainment News
  • Radical Media, Education Channel (name TBD)
  • Red Bull Media House North America, Red Bull
  • Roadside Entertainment/BAC, The NOC
  • SB Nation, SB Nation
  • Seedwell, American Hipster
  • Slate, Slate News Channel
  • Smart Girls at the Party, Smart Girls at the Party
  • Smosh/Alloy Digital, Smosh Animation
  • Soccer United Marketing & Bedrocket, KickTV
  • SoulPancake Productions, SoulPancake
  • Source Interlink Media, Motor Trend
  • Steve Spangler Science, The Spangler Effect
  • TakePart™, TakePart™ TV
  • TED Conferences, TEDEducation
  • The Bowery Presents, The Bowery Presents
  • The Nerdist Channel, The Nerdist Channel
  • The Onion, Onion Broadcasting Company
  • The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal
  • The Young Turks, Town Square
  • Thomson Reuters,
  • Tony Hawk’s production company, 900 Films, Inc., RIDE Channel
  • Uncommon Content Partners, The Conversation Channel
  • Uncommon Content Partners, Taste & Access
  • Varsity Pictures, Awesomeness
  • VICE, Noisey
  • Vlogbrothers, CrashCourse
  • Vlogbrothers, SciShow
  • Vuguru & POW! Entertainment, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes
  • Walter Latham Digital, Walter Latham’s “Kings of Comedy”
  • WWE, WWE Fan Nation
  • Young Hollywood, Young Hollywood Network
So… what about you? Are you excited about these new premium content channels on YouTube? Do any sound interesting enough for you to check them out? 


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