Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtube’s Matthew Liu

Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtube’s Matthew Liu

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At the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose last week, we captured some great interviews with industry leaders and conference speakers. The following is an interview with Matthew Liu, Product Manager for YouTube.  Matt talks with us about best practices for optimizing videos that are published to youtube.

“Online marketers typically are looking to get strong viewership on Youtube, the number one tip I’d give them, first, before optimizing, is to make sure that their content is something that users will engage with. … Make sure that your creative is good, that when users see it, they are prone to respond to it either through rating it writing comments, or even a better scenario, sharing it with other users. Once you have done that, you do want to figure out ways to optimize your videos for organic discovery.”

I have to say, although I know it sounds quite cliche, I totally agree with Matt.  As I’ve said before:

“as most experts will tell you, the best lesson for SEO in general, is to create unique and valuable content, and to publish that content with best practices for SEO in mind.  Nothing works as well for SEO as creating good, unique, and valuable content.”

Basic Tips for YouTube Optimization:

  • Make sure your title, descriptions, and tags are clear and concise, describe the video
  • When tagging your video, make sure to use tags that are consistent with one another. ” we do have mechanisms in place to detect spamming behaviors”
  • Community is very important for discovery, for a few reasons…  I think that the best place to learn about this, is our post on Youtube Ranking Factors.

About Matthew Liu

matthew-liuMatthew is the lead product manager at YouTube Sponsored Videos.  Matthew has also led many other projects at YouTube including advertising programs, content partnerships, rights management projects, and community engagement programs.  He spoke at SES San Jose on the panel “Igniting Viral Campaigns: Leveraging Consumer-Generated Content.”  Thanks Matt for your time.

Stay tuned as we will be publishing many more videos over the course of this week and next.


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