YouTube: Available as Satellite App, Not A Channel. Wait, What?

YouTube: Available as Satellite App, Not A Channel. Wait, What?

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Yesterday it was reported that UK satellite TV provider Freesat is making YouTube available as a channel in their lineup.  It will, in fact, be an HTML5 app that will allow Freesat users to access YouTube.  So all that hullabaloo about YouTube turning into a channel was in fact false.  I regret the error.  All of this will be happening in March on Freesat’s Freetime player, in celebration of selling 3 million products.  It will give YouTube a bigger TV presence in the UK, it’s just not going to be available as a stand-alone channel.  And that’s OK.  Lots of correcting to do.

Freesat’s Freetime to Offer YouTube Programming

Here’s a list of the UK’s original channels, some of which could be on this new app.  There are entries from Guinness World Records, BBC, Bad Teeth, Jamie Oliver, and more.  I like this video from Guinness, where they have hosts try to break a very specific record: number of M&M’s eaten using chopsticks:

Of course, a very popular channel is Jamie Oliver’s, as food “how-tos” are huge on YouTube anyway. Now throw a celebrity chef in the mix, and have him make some peanut butter cookies and stuff:

Just this past weekend, I had a video for Fun Video Friday from Bad Teeth called “Daniel Radcliffe: A How-To Guide.” Here’s another from the comedy channel where Quentin Tarantino pretends to be a belligerent interview guest:

Sorry for the confusion everyone.


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