Get the Lyrics For Every YouTube Music Video With This Chrome App

Get the Lyrics For Every YouTube Music Video With This Chrome App

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I have a long-standing argument with a friend over whether or not “The Temptations” say, “I got all the bitches baby, one man can claim” in their song “My Girl”. Of course not. They definitely don’t say that and if you’re watching the video from YouTube now there is a way to prove it. There is an app for Chrome called musiXmatch that automatically pairs up the lyrics of a song, on time, with a YouTube video.

On the few videos I’ve tested it seems to be spot on with the lyrics, but the timing may be a bit off for unofficial uploads. I also did find an issue with it not loading for some user uploaded videos, although trying a different version usually fixed the issue. VEVO uploads have all been flawless.

A Database of Over 7 Million Lyrics

musiXmatch boasts a database of +7M lyrics, so for avid fans of lyrics this is the perfect pairing of lyrics and music. If you’re trying to figure out the lyrics to some foreign songs, they even have the translation, in time, to a number of popular k-pop videos and other foreign songs.

The latest release of the app is a significant improvement over previous versions. Not only is the app free, but it is now ad free and loads automatically when a music video that is in their database is detected. It also previously had an issue where lyrics wouldn’t load on videos in a playlist, but that issue appears to have been resolved.

Normally when I review an app I load it up on Chrome and promptly take it down when the review is over, but not this one. I’m looking forward to not having to tab between my favorite songs and their lyrics to enjoy them on YouTube. The app is far from perfect but it’s the best way to find the lyrics to a song on YouTube by far.

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If you like the app when it is paired up with YouTube, you can also download it to work as a mobile app with Spotify. To download musiXmatch, head over to the Chrome store and download it for free.

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