YouTube Mobile Uploads Increase Exponentially

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YouTube has recently stated that mobile uploads have been soaring over the last six month with over a 1700% increase. Since the iPhone 3GS was released daily uploads increased 400%. I’m curious what people are uploading that they think is so fascinating.

YouTube believes that the growth is mostly due to more mobile phones with video capabilities on the market, which makes sense of course. If you give people the tools to do something they’ll do it. They’re also giving people a quick and simple way to alert their friends about their latest videos by connecting YouTube accounts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader.

The new iPhone 3GS is bound to continue to stimulate mobile video growth. With over a million having already been sold essentially that’s a million new mobile film directors and that number is only going to continue to expand. It’s no surprise that uploads are rapidly expanding. I’m sure that once the novelty of being able to make mobile videos wears off that the uploads will slow down. But those that continue to make the videos will probably do a better job of it and the content will be of a higher quality as well.


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