Goodbye YouTube InBox, Hello Google+ YouTube Messages

Goodbye YouTube InBox, Hello Google+ YouTube Messages

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YouTubers, get ready for another change to the site, and to the way you interact with others. The YouTube InBox has gone, replaced with a new feature called “Messaging”, which forces the creator to use their Google+ account, as without one the ability to privately message another YouTube user will be disabled. The old InBox is read-only as of next week, although all users will still have the ability to read, and download their old correspondence, if only for a limited time.

To sweeten the pill, YouTube is introducing new features which should make it easier for the user to follow long conversations, as well as contact others more easily:

  • Threaded Conversations: This tool will keep track of the flow of long conversations
  • Easier Contacting: Any user can now contact the owner of a video via “send message” link on the ‘About Tab”
  • Increased Spam Detection: In the never-ending fight against trolls and spam monsters, a new spam-detection tool is in place.

As well as the launching the new internal messaging feature, which can be accessed at, YouTube is confirming that there is yet another tweak to the infamous comments system. Users can now search for popular comments posted to their channel, and review comments that need approval that much quicker. And at last, creators are going to be have the ability to search comments by keyword.


To Send a New Private Message on YouTube

To start sending private messages (to those with active Google+ accounts), you should do the following:

  • Go to the ‘About Page’ of the YouTube Channel
  • Click on the ‘Send Message’ Button
  • Write something nice and helpful
  • Send

YouTube has made the changes because they want creators to be able to interact with fans in a smarter way. The site is looking for feedback on the new changes, which you can leave via the “Send feedback” link in your dashboard.


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