YouTube Live Events: The Definitive List of URLs

YouTube Live Events: The Definitive List of URLs

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Considering the amount of effort YouTube has put into carrying and promoting live-streamed events, you’d think that even a casual search of the site would give you all of the information you need regarding the feature. However, the bookmark no longer works and it takes a little more digging than you’d think necessary to find the section. YouTube is a search engine after all, so it’s puzzling why the navigation and user experience has become so poor. Luckily, a couple of resourceful souls (acknowledgements below) did the leg work and we now have a list of easily-clickable URLs to take you to where you want to be. The following is a list of the different YouTube live events which we will update as new events are added/changed/deleted.

YouTube Live Events Channel Landing Page

The new Live Events landing page (note the user-unfriendly URL) can now be found at:

youtube live events

YouTube Live-streaming Events by Category

  • Live – Sports:
  • Live – News & Politics:
  • Live – Gaming:
  • Live – Music:
  • Live – Autos & Vehicles:
  • Live – Comedy:
  • Live – Education:
  • Live – Entertainment:
  • Live – Film & Animation:
  • Live – How-to & Style:
  • Live – Nonprofits & Activism:
  • Live – People & Blogs:
  • Live – Pets & Animals:
  • Live – Science & Technology:
  • Live – Travel & Events:
  • Google+ Hangouts On Air:
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2:

Watch All Live Broadcasts in One Category

To watch all the the live events in one particular category, add the following to the URL:


For instance, to watch all live music broadcasts, the URL should be:

YouTube likes to tinker with formats on an almost daily basis so we can expect changes to the above. Please let us know of updates or changes in the comments below and we will revise the list accordingly.

H/T to Terry Leigh Britton & Pepe11 for highlighting the issue and providing a solution.


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