YouTube Launches Known Issues Page

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Youtube today announced the launch of a new, Known Issues Page to enable users to report on, and view, commonly reported bugs and issues.  With an audience as large and as vocal as Youtube’s user community, this is one way to help control the flow of redundant technical support issues.   Youtube is encouraging its users to check this page first for commonly reported issues.  This obviously to not only reassure its users that it is working on these problems, but to also effectively reduce the volume of support requests it inevitably receives.

The page (pictured below) currently shows the 7 bugs and 5 common issues accross the video sharing site.  On the right hand colum, you can view what looks like the most recent fixes that have been deployed.   It is not clear whether these are the “top” issues or just the ones that Youtube decided they would release.  According to their blog, Youtube assures its users that,

‘When possible, we’ll also tell you about temporary workarounds that can solve the problem until our engineers have fixed it completely. If you find something on the site that doesn’t seem to be working quite right, come here to find out if we’ve already addressed the issue. If one of the issues matches a problem you’ve experienced, please let us know by clicking “This is my issue!” That’ll help us understand which problems are affecting the most people so we can get to them as quickly as possible.’

This resource can be located by clicking on the Known Issues link in within the help center.
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