YouTube Is Changing Journalism

YouTube Is Changing Journalism

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On this week’s episode of The Reel Web, we show you what’s happening with Netflix after all their customers leaving them recently. Also, YouTube and online video is really changing the way we consume media–especially journalism. And Xbox has made an interesting purchase that we’ll look at as well. All that and more of the week’s biggest stories in online video in this week’s episode of The Reel Web:

YouTube is Changing Journalism

QUESTION: Are Google+’s circles really a new concept?

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On this week’s look at the Reel Web, we show you what’s happening with Netflix after all their customer’s leaving them recently. Also, YouTube and online video is really changing the way we consume media like especially journalism and Xbox makes an interesting purchase that we’re going to look at as well.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another look at the Reel Web where every week we just look at some of the highlights in the online video world from the week before. This week we’re going to start with Google Plus, they aired their very first TV commercial on the Packers and Lions game this past Thanksgiving. And it’s interesting that they’re taking the spin they put on Google Plus to try to promote it on television that looks a little bit like this.

(Video playback) “It’s not relevant to talk about certain things with certain people, especially my guy friends, you know, I don’t fill them in on every aspect of my life whereas I am with my girlfriends, my mom or whatever.” “You know, like in your head you assign roles, once you like, step back from that and get away and you realize, oh these are the people that are actually there for me.”

So they take the whole circle thing and say hey, this is something new, you have people in your mind who are already in categories, you already put them in these groups, we’re going to help you do that naturally. The thing is for me, I feel like we already have that with like, Facebook lists and Twitter has lists. I’m not really sure that the whole circle thing they’re promoting, okay, this is all new, is entirely that new. What do you guys think, comment below, let me know what you think of this commercial. If you want to see the whole thing, the link to it is below.

We really have yet to see if Google Plus is going to take off as a long term social media platform but one thing’s for sure, Google is definitely dumping a lot of money into making this thing work. And apparently they think TV ads are one of the ways to do that. What do you think? Comment below and let us know.

If you follow the online video world at all, you should know that Netflix has been going through a lot of trouble lately. They hiked their prices and
then they had like, a really lame apology and just ticked off a bunch of customers to the tune of about one million of them leaving, canceling their
service and now Netflix is hurting. They need some more money to just keep operating so they sold a bunch of stock, stock that they bought for about
300 some dollars per share and now they resold it for just 70 per share, it doesn’t take a genius to know that’s really bad math.

And so now a lot of people are wondering hey, what’s in the future for Netflix, are they going to make it, are they going to last, are they going to
have to fold? One thing that’s positive in this is that it’s very good for consumers, it shows big organizations and companies, hey, you are still
serving your customer base and without us, even if you’ve got millions and millions and millions of customers, without us, you could go to kaput just
like that. So treat us well.

Operation Wall Street has been all over the news but one of the things that seems to be missing is kind of the more sketchy things that the police are
doing in these movements. (Video playback). It’s really sad to see this kind of thing happening especially since the school initially denied it and
then there’s like tons of videos, I mean everyone’s got iPhones and cameras and stuff everywhere to show that hey, what they said happened really
didn’t happen, the police were out of line.

These officers have been placed on administrative leave because of all these videos that show what really happened and it’s really changing how people
are consuming media because now no longer are we going to just wait in front of our TV for the news to come on in the evening. Now we just go straight
to YouTube and we can see what actually happened, it feels unbiased. No longer do we feel like we need the filters and the spin that traditional media
gives us when they report the news.

Now we feel like we can go straight to the source and that the traditional news media is now just reporting stuff we’ve probably already seen for our
own eyes and they’re just kind of repeating it for older people I guess. There’s an article link below that talks more about this about how YouTube is
really what drives the news now, not the reporters. It talks about how YouTube is the ultimate fact checker in all the things that we’re hearing and
just a lot of other interesting things about how YouTube is changing media and journalism. The link to that is below, go check it out.

In other video news, Microsoft just recently acquired Videosurf which they will reportedly use to integrate into Xbox Live and help with online video
discovery which will be interesting to see how those things play out and work together.

Now you can rent Disney movies on YouTube for only 99 cents which beats out Redbox, you don’t even have to go anywhere to pick up the DVD, you don’t
have to go anywhere to return it. Right now, consumers probably prefer to have an actual DVD media disc that they take home and watch but that is
probably changing pretty quickly over the next couple of years as YouTube continues to drive and push to have their platform on every television screen
in America.

And as that continues to happen, I can see that YouTube will be a big contender, a competitor with Redbox and other online video rental services. 99
cents, that’s a pretty good steal. It also beats the price of iTunes so a little more competition, a little more pressure, good for consumers.

If you’re a video creator and you want a couple tips on how you can best capture audio for your videos, there’s a link below to a very good video
tutorial that’ll help you do exactly that. If you’re not already subscribed to our channel, make sure you click that right there or that button above
this video here on YouTube. Every week we do these videos for you and a lot of other great stuff, we’d love to have you join us. And I will see you
guys again next week for another look at the Reel Web. Bye.


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