YouTube InVideo Programming: How to Apply In-Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly

YouTube InVideo Programming: How to Apply In-Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly

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YouTube keeps adding cool stuff out of nowhere and not announcing the changes.  I get this odd feeling that the YouTube staff gets very excited about releasing a new feature and taking bets on how long it takes before someone notices.  Within the last 24 hours, YouTube has just added a feature called “InVideo Programming” under the Settings tab.  Clicking on it gives creators two options.  You can now “brand” all of your videos by uploading an icon that represents you, and you can also “feature” a video on all of your other videos, giving creators the chance to push a video across their entire catalog.

InVideo Programming: How It Works

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to your Video Manager and click Settings.
  • Underneath Channel Settings, click InVideo Programming.

When you click that, you see this:


InVideo Programming – Feature Channel:

Feature Your Channel allows you to upload an image, whether your channel’s avatar or a custom image, and you can place it in the top/bottom, left/right of the picture.  You can keep the branding throughout the duration of the video, or you can customize the length that it lasts:

So this gives you the chance to “brand” your channel much like a TV network does with their logo at the bottom of the screen. Branding like this is a good way to give viewers context: if they are specifically looking for your videos, a logo like this ensures that what they are seeing is yours, and if you happen to have a lot of entertaining/informative videos that keep coming up during a viewer’s stay on the site, seeing the brand over and over gives your channel great recognition while people browse YouTube.

Here’s the latest ReelSEO Creator’s Tip, with our icon showing up during the last 15 seconds (top right):

InVideo Programming – Featured Video

The other feature is Feature A Video.  With annotations, you can direct people through links to videos, and you have to go to each individual one to create them.  With this feature, you can push a video of your liking across every single video you have in your catalog.  It places a thumbnail of the featured video into the corner of every video so that no matter which one a viewer is watching, it’s there, ready to be clicked.  You get to push a video that you think either represents your best, or you can push one you don’t think got the attention it deserved.  Now, it’s way more dynamic than having a little text link show up.  Hopefully, they’ll make this more customizable in the future so that you can feature a number of different videos across different areas of your catalog.  But for now, this is a nifty feature.

Exciting new features!  Check them out here –


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