YouTube Gives Users New Insight Into Video Discovery

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youtube-insightYouTube is giving us all some more insight into what’s going on with our videos. They just boosted their analytics tools (YouTube Insight) with three new features including stats on mobile users, subscribers and my favorite – discovery over time. YouTube is still the end all be all of free video sharing sites and they’re continuing to expand their backend services for partners, users and advertisers. Let’s take a look at the latest features in the analytics side:

Discovery – How are people finding your videos?

insight-video-discoveryBeing able to track video view count and popularity has always been included in YouTube analytics. Plus you’ve been able to find out how people discovered your videos. Now they’ve combined those features and provide us with a graphical representation of the information. The graph will how you how users found your video over time. It’s customizable so you can check specific dates, external links versus internal searches and more.  You can even drill down further and see exactly where users discovered your video and the search terms that were used.

This means you can now find out what is really working for your videos. Are most of your users coming from embed links or from the related videos areas? Is having a promoted video really worth it? In the image to the right you can see it tracks: external, Google search, embedded, related, viral/other, on site search, other links from YouTube, mobile and Google search. This will give you a good look at where your viewers are coming from and that will allow you to better target those viewers and see how your videos are doing in places like Youtube, Google organic, and Google Video Search.

Views from mobile devices

A recent report stated that in 2017 mobile users will account for 1.3 exabytes of video watching per month. So it’s good timing on YouTube’s part here where they are giving you exact metrics on how many views are coming in from mobile devices like smart phones, mobiles, etc. YouTube says that mobile uploads have jumped 1700% since the beginning of the year and mobile views are also increasing wildly. Now you can track views from those devices or places that are using the YouTube mobile device API. If in fact mobile users watching video are going to take up a full three-quarters of all mobile traffic within the next decade this is going to be an increasingly important demographic and being able to track it is going to be vital to the success of your video advertising and marketing efforts moving forward.

Views from Subscribers

Do subscribers actually watch videos in your channel? Are they an important demographic? How are users subscribing to your channel? These are all important questions that you can use to show how valuable and popular these viewers are. If you have 500,000 subscribers and they’re all actually watching your videos on a regular basis, that’s a great indicator of the loyalty of your subscribers and works well as information to pass on to advertisers. This new feature will give you the ability to see how many views are coming from the homepage subscriptions module, the subscriptions emails and the subscriptions page. This could also really give you some insight into which videos are successful with those subscribers and maybe even why. Is it a certain thumbnail image or title? What’s driving them to view the videos? With some testing and some careful planning you should be able to begin optimizing your video channel for your subscribers and getting more views over time.

Better analytics means better information and makes it easier to optimize your videos, channel and better target your viewers. If you know exactly how to leverage these new features you could increase your views, subscriptions and overall success with YouTube. Since YouTube manages all the video going to mobile devices it doesn’t really affect anything on your end, however if you know people are using mobile devices to access your videos more than any other platform that could certainly help you in regards to advertising, etc.

It’s a good set of new features from YouTube and it seems like they’re on track to make the analytics there extremely useful.   It certainly would be nice if they just borrowed some more code from Google Analytics and let all users see rich analytics as they do with YouTube partners.


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