YouTube Improves Video Uploading to Give You More Control

YouTube Improves Video Uploading to Give You More Control

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YouTube is making some minor changes to video uploading that are set to take place this week for everyone.  Of course, as YouTube does, this will be “rolled out” likely to different users throughout the week, so it may not show up immediately for all.   Anyway, YouTube has made it so that you get an e-mail notification when your upload is done, rather than having to go and check every 5 minutes.  Also, YouTube is giving you more time to put all your SEO in before your video goes public: videos will publish only when you say to publish.

YouTube Video Uploading Sees Minor Improvements

I honestly don’t understand why most people don’t just set their video uploading setting to “Private” or “Unlisted” while they wait for it to upload anyway.  That accomplishes virtually the same trick, as all you have to do is set it to “Public” when you’re done with everything.  But, whatever.  I imagine the privacy settings for a YouTube video confuse many, and that’s why the change was made.

The e-mail notification is a nice addition, especially since so many people have their phones alert them when they get a new e-mail.  I guess if people don’t have that alert set up, they’ll now be constantly checking their e-mail to see if the upload is finished.

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Anyway, minor changes to your YouTube uploading are coming this week, so be prepared!


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