YouTube Replaces Home Page Moderators With Algorithm, Winks At Google

YouTube Replaces Home Page Moderators With Algorithm, Winks At Google

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Aspiring YouTube filmmakers will be happy to learn that it recently got a little bit easier to get your videos featured on the YouTube home page.  A little.  It still won’t be easy, but the process has definitely been demystified.

The video site’s home page has long been edited by human beings, sifting through the community’s many popular channels to find new diamonds in the rough.  Then, those lucky few would get plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight—a spotlight on the YouTube home page can actually a pretty darn good head start on an actual income stream or career as an online video creator, like one of these guys.  The unlucky others whose videos were not picked could only stand by and wish upon a star for their chance to come.

YouTube HomePage On The Rise

But now those days are over… sort of.  Today the up-and-coming videos featured on the YouTube home page are chosen by computers instead of humans.  That’s right, the human moderators are gone, removed entirely from the process.  In its place is a program called On The Rise.

The new system will monitor subscriber rates as its chief measurable.  When a channel shows a spike in the subscriber rate over a 30-day period, it will be added to a pool of potential featured channels on the home page.  But there’s a catch—the overall subscriber total must still be under 100,000.  So the goal is obviously to find the fastest growing, but still young, YouTube channels every month.

Then YouTube will let the user community decide on a winner through that age-old Internet pastime called voting.  The top vote getter receives the spotlight on the home page—as well as some extra attention through other official YouTube outlets such as their official blog—and a legitimate shot at stardom.

So… to sum up… you still need to make great videos, and you still need some measure of serendipity to have the right mix of subscribers and subscriber rate… but at least it’s a level playing field.  I have no doubt the former moderators were more than fair, but even the most impartial human editors of any site have their subconscious biases.  Now, the math does the work without bias or emotion.

The first official winner of the On The Rise spotlight prize is a user named Emilynoel83, and she won in a landslide.  She’s a cosmetics video blogger, and has a charming personality and good sense of humor.  Here’s a sample of one of her videos:

It’s nice that YouTube is eliminating the mysterious elements of their home page spotlight system.  Too many great video creators have beaten their head against the wall trying to find the magic formula.  Now the magic formula is public knowledge:  Lots of subscribers really quickly + a total subscriber count under 100,000 = a true chance at the home page through online voting.  Now the only magic formula left to decode is how to get a spike in subscribers in just a 30-day window.

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