How YouTube’s Free Help Channel Can Improve Your Video Marketing

How YouTube’s Free Help Channel Can Improve Your Video Marketing

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In addition to visiting ReelSEO daily to read news, analysis, tips, and trends, I’d like to humbly suggest that you check out the YouTube Help channel from time to time. You’ll find tutorials, troubleshooting, and tips from the YouTube Help team.  And it appears that the people managing the YouTube Help channel have read their own Creator Playbook, because they’ve developed “a viable programming strategy.” Here’s what the Playbook recommends: “Keep your audience engaged and your channel active with regular uploads and programming activity that serves the interests of your subscribers.”

Now, YouTube isn’t TV, but some of the principles that drive television viewership apply to the web. Regular release schedules and timely publishing are both important for online video. So, the Playbook advises you to “release videos on a set day of the week, if possible; audiences like structure.” And here’s the schedule for the YouTube Help channel’s content:

YouTube Help: Mobile Monday

If you use YouTube on the go, you can get tips and how-to’s for YouTube on Android and iOS devices every Monday. For example, you can learn how to upload videos from your iOS device directly within the YouTube for iOS app by watching “How to upload to YouTube on iOS.”

Or, you can learn how to clear individual videos or all videos from your watch history in the YouTube for Android app by watching “Clearing your watch history on YouTube for Android.”

YouTube Help: How-To Wednesday

Have you ever wondered how to use a feature on YouTube? Well, you can get a new tutorial every Wednesday. For example, you can learn how to add a section to your YouTube channel that features your subscriptions by watching “How to feature your subscriptions on your YouTube channel.”

Or, you can learn about the three different privacy settings for YouTube uploads, and how to change them by watching “What are the privacy options on my YouTube videos?”

YouTube Help: Did-You-Know Friday

YouTube’s got a lot of switches and knobs that you might have never noticed. Fortunately, they explain a little-known facet of YouTube every Friday. For example, you can learn how to contribute closed captions and subtitles to your favorite YouTube videos by watching “Contributing closed captions and subtitles.”

Or, you can learn about YouTube’s new navigation for playlists, account switching, and Creator Studio by watching “Where did playlists, My Channel, and Video Manager go? – YouTube Navigation Updates.”

Other Tips and Advice from YouTube

Occasionally, the YouTube Help channel deviates from this pattern. But that is also a best practice, according to the Creator Playbook. It says, “Don’t be too locked into your schedule: respond to rising search trends, viral videos or breaking news.“ And a month ago, you could learn how video streaming quality varies across internet service providers (ISPs) by watching the “Google Video Quality Report” on the YouTube Help channel.

Now, if you visit ReelSEO daily, you would have learned all about the Google Video Quality Report more than four months earlier by reading Carla Marshall’s story, “How Bad Does Your ISP Suck at Streaming Video? Google Will Tell You.”

So, I’m not saying that you can skip reading the news, analysis, tips, and trends here and rely entirely on the YouTube Help channel. I’m just saying that it’s often helpful to get a second opinion from YouTube itself, especially on topics like “Retracting Your Copyright Takedown Claim.”

This video on the YouTube Help channel lets content Owners know that they are now able to retract any of their claims of copyright infringement within their YouTube account. And this video demonstrates how this is done.

Now, if you want to stay updated on YouTube product changes and learn from other successful partners, you might also want to check out the YouTube Creators Channel. As its channel trailer says, “You’ve asked us for a heads-up on what we’re building ahead of time, and we’ve heard you. Take a look at what we’ve got planned for the next few months. We’ll share even more info on these new tools and features as they launch.”

You might also want to check out the official YouTube Channel for Advertisers. It will help you discover new and powerful ways for your brand to connect with a generation that shapes what matters in content and culture today. As its channel trailer says about “Brands at VidCon 2014,” YouTube recently hosted brands and agencies at the fifth annual VidCon in Anaheim, CA.

Of course, Andy Smith, the host of ReelSEO’s “Behind the Reel” show, also covered VidCon 2014 and published three stories about this industry event. So, again, I’m not saying that you can skip reading the news, analysis, tips, and trends here and rely entirely on the official YouTube Channel for Advertisers. I’m just saying that it’s often helpful to get a second opinion.

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