YouTube Adds Group Segmentation To Analytics For More Indepth Analysis

YouTube Adds Group Segmentation To Analytics For More Indepth Analysis

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If you are into your data then YouTube just made it a whole lot easier to analyze different sets of videos. YouTube Group Analytics now allows you to segment your videos into groups, giving you a much clearer overview of how different types of video content is performing. And it’s not just videos, if you are an MCN, you can aggregate data by channel too. Although functionality is limited at the moment – you can’t compare group against group for instance – if you have a lot of video content that’s created around different sets of topics then you will be able to separate these out and measure the performance of each group using the data already provided as a whole by YouTube.

You can group videos by any criteria you choose – subject, keyword, campaign, product, year etc. and you can mix and match the videos within each collection depending on what you need to analyze. You can add up to 200 videos or channels to any one group, although at the moment these won’t be automatically updated as you upload new video content to the site. Set up takes a matter of minutes (depending on the size of your video library) and we would definitely recommend implementing it on your channel if you need that extra feedback regarding content performance.

Setting Up Analytics Groups in YouTube Video Manager

#1. Log in to your Video Manager, then go into the Analytics menu. You should find the new ‘Groups’ setting in the top right hand corner.

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#2. Click ‘Create Video Group’ from the drop down menu. Give your new group a name and start adding videos. You can search for content to add to a new video group by name and by video ID. When finished, click save.

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#3. You’ll be taken to a screen that shows you all the metrics for the group you’ve just created. Now fill your boots with all that lovely data.

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