YouTube Expands Descriptions – Get Those URLs Seen!

YouTube Expands Descriptions – Get Those URLs Seen!

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YouTube made a minor, unannounced change to the video pages this week. You’re not getting more space in the description box, you could already write a novella in that thing. No, this is more about visibility and how much the users will see. How much is it you ask? I’ll tell you, just as soon as you step into the article…

The keen eyes of Jeremy Vest noticed that the YouTube description box has been expanded on the video page. Where it used to be extremely important due to massive limitation of space is now a complete five line visible area. That’s far better than having to squeeze all the pertinent information into just two lines. Here’s an example:

youtube 5 line description box

You can see that there is now more visible space than ever before in the description area on the video. That’s great news for those of you who have multiple links you want to put into the description box but which took up so much space as to not get seen.

In the example above, Google Webmasters highlights the specific question that Matt Cutts is going to address in the video and they have a call-to-action at the bottom without having to even open the Show More portion of the page.

This expanded visibility is vital to getting URLs seen and hopefully clicked on to lead your audience off to your brand or product pages, etc. You’ll still want to fill that first line or two with great information about the video and its contents but after that you’ve got a couple of lines to do some wider angle marketing with now. Thanks  YouTube!


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