How To Create a Custom YouTube Subscription Email List [Creator’s Tip #124]

How To Create a Custom YouTube Subscription Email List [Creator’s Tip #124]

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip, we want to show you how you can make your own custom email campaign which will automatically send out your own videos to an email subscriber list of your own making. Maybe that list consists of people who want to receive your latest videos but aren’t active on YouTube or Google+ – and don’t want to be. We’ll show you how to set up that list using Mailchimp so you can automatically send out emails to those people who have expressed an interest in receiving information about your brand or company.

A lot of brands, companies and marketers have database lists of customers, newsletter or blog subscribers and you can now send out your latest YouTube videos to that audience. We are going to use a platform called Mailchimp but this method could be applied to any email distribution software you chose to use.

Creating A YouTube Email Subscription List With Mailchimp

#1. Grab the RSS feed for your YouTube channel

so for ReelSEO, that would be:

#2. Login to your Mailchimp control panel and click on ‘Campaigns’ in the left hand menu

#3. Create a new campaign by clicking on the ‘Create Campaign’ button in the top right hand corner and then create an ‘RSS-Driven Campaign’ by clicking on that link in the menu

new rss campaign mailchimp

#4. On the new page, past in your YouTube RSS feed (from #1), and then select when you want to send out your email to your customers/fans etc. You can choose to send something everyday, every other day, once a week, once a month or a combination of dates. You can also select the time of day you want your automatic emails to be sent.

#5. Now you’ll need to select which email list to send the new campaign to.

email list rss

#6. The next screen gives you options to name your campaign and confirm the email addresses you want to use. This is for internal use only but if you run a lot of newsletters then you’ll want to be clear about the details for future reference.

For the subject title of the email, make it clear what the topic of the email is so that recipients know what they are about to open. For a newsletter that specifically relates to your YouTube video content, use the same title of the newest video for your email subject title. You’ll want to use ‘Merge Tags’ for this and this article from Mailchimp explains them in great detail.

To create an email title that uses the same one as your latest YouTube video you will need to pate the following merge tag into the ‘Email Subject’ box:


#7 The next screen gives you the option to design your own email template from scratch or use an existing design. To chose a predesigned template, select one of the ‘RSS to Emails’ choices from the ‘Categories’ drop down menu. select your preferred design and from here you can upload your own logo, change the text, colours etc. You can check the changes you make by using the ‘Preview’ option. Don’t forget to add any social sharing buttons to your other accounts!

#8 If you go a couple of days without uploading a video to YouTube, Mailchimp will NOT send out an old one. It will not send out any emails while your YouTube RSS feed remains inactive.

#9 The plain text screen will confirm your design details for recipients who can’t access HTML emails.

#10 The next screen, ‘Confirm’ will highlight anything you have missed. Once you’re happy that everything has been set up correctly, click ‘confirm’ and your campaign is all set up and ready to go!

Tell us in the comments below how you might use this option.


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