The Official YouTube DVD Collection: Get The Magic of Online Video, Offline

The Official YouTube DVD Collection: Get The Magic of Online Video, Offline

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In a huge step for the industry today, YouTube announced perhaps the boldest new innovation for the online video industry since its start….The ability to watch and collect your favorite online videos, offline, on DVD.

That’s right.  Even though people are starting to watch videos online and the interwebs are beginning to see some growth in bandwidth coming from video, we all know that DVD’s are still a more popular video consumption platform.  And the greatest part about physical media, is that you don’t have to wait for the Internet.  Thankfully, the 4th largest online video site in the world, YouTube, gets this.

Get The Magic of YouTube, on DVD

You can actually order the magic of YouTube right now, at  YouTube put a ton of thought into the ordering process and they’ve thought through quite a few of the common issues that might happen when providing physical copies of the YouTube collection.

1) Multiple Genre’s Available. 

Whether you’re into sports, comedy, education, or “Stuff people say,” they’ve got it.  You can choose between these genres, or order the complete collection of 508,575 discs.

2) Multiple Shipping Options.  

Their default shipping method is shipping trucks, but you don’t have to go that route.  They even have options for something called the Postal Service (Note–keep in mind that shipping trucks and freight Vessel options are much quicker).

3) Don’t have a DVD Player?

If you’re not a rich person and haven’t upgraded to the latest in home entertainment (the DVD), YouTube will ship you other formats, including Laser Disc, Video Cassettes, and Betamax Tape.

However, there are 2 things that may hold this new offering back. 

1) They are charging around $5 USD per disc.  When you order the complete collection, you’ll be spending upwards of $2 million dollars.  I’m in no way debating the value of this as it’s clear that the value is priceless, but I’m a few dollars short.

2) Apparently, YouTube was not prepared for this new offering to be as popular as it has become.  Orders taken today have anticipated delivery times that are a bit longer than one might ordinarily expect.

Order Your DVDs Today – April 1st, 2012 (Hint Hint)

OK, so we’ve announced other April Fools Day fun in the past and had to clarify afterwards that they were NOT real announcements.  So, just to make absolutely sure – THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE FROM YOUTUBE.  Fun stuff.

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Since our founding in 2005, we at YouTube have continually strived to bring you the best possible video experience on the Internet. But that…is all about to change. Our latest innovation gives you a way to literally hold YouTube in your hand.

Introducing The YouTube Collection…on DVD. It’s the complete YouTube experience… completely OFF-line.

Enjoying YouTube videos has never been easier. With The YouTube Collection, DVD’s have been conveniently organized into a system of nested modules. Simply navigate through the modules until you find the DVD of your choice. Each DVD menu is populated with video thumbnails. Just like, you can select your playback resolution. And yes…FULL-SCREEN mode is available, if desired.

The YouTube Collection doesn’t require the internet–but you don’t lose interactivity. Just fill out the comment form and place it in one of the self-addressed stamped envelopes. Don’t forget to throw in a green thumbs up or red thumbs down.

Your feedback will be sent directly to the creator of that particular video, so you can maintain the dialogue you’re used to.

The YouTube Collection is not just a sampling of YouTube; it’s ALL of YouTube. EVERY YouTube video uploaded…ever.

As soon as you sign up, we will dispatch a fleet of 175 YouTube trucks to your home.  Your nested video modules will arrive securely shrink-wrapped on pre-categorized pallets.  If you live on a steep grade or in an area with low overpasses, your DVD’s will be delivered by pack-mule.

Since approximately 1 hr of video is uploaded to Youtube each second, you’ll receive a new truckload every week.

And if you sign up now, we’ll give the entire DVD library to a friend or relative of your choice …totally free.


Order now and select from a number of free add-ons, including…

  • Trending Videos on Laser Disc.
  • Pre-cleared music on vinyl for videos without soundtracks.
  • Or, weather-proof, exterior DVD shelving for when your collection gets too large for the inside of your home.

Order The YouTube Collection on DVD. Simple. Economical. Convenient. A whole new way to enjoy the videos you love.


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