YouTube Redesigns CTA Ads, Adds New Features to Video Ad Reporting

YouTube Redesigns CTA Ads, Adds New Features to Video Ad Reporting

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In its ongoing effort to improve the way CTA advertising performs on the site, and also the way that advertisers can access their reporting data for those ads, YouTube has implemented a new design for its call-to-action overlay video ads. The old two lines of text has been replaced with just the one line, making the ad more compact, and less intrusive for the viewer. The new design is rolling out now for new and existing overlay advertising inventory, for both desktop and for mobile displays. Here’s what the new design look likes, both in collapsed, and expanded form:

new youtube call to action overlays

Google has also included the click metrics from those CTA ads within the ‘Clicks and CTR’ reports in Google AdWords for video. This should give analysts extra information regarding the performance of those ads over time. Other new reports include improved column sets, increased conversion segmentation options as well as the ability to access all data direct from the ‘Videos’ tab.

Improved Access to Video Ad Metrics in Google AdWords

Avi Fein, Product Manager at YouTube confirmed in a blog post that that the new reporting features are in response to advertiser requests for improvement in certain areas. These are:

Added Conversion Segments: Adwords now gives advertisers the ability to segment by conversion name and category. This will confirm how each video campaign is driving key conversion types.

Improved Column Sets: You can now also analyze a video campaign by View Rate for all data sets, and also view topics like Audience, Views, and Conversion by insight. This new measurement will give a handy overview which you can cross-reference against your campaign KPIs.

All Metrics Now Visible in the Videos Tab: You will be able to access your entire set of video metrics in one handy place.


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