YouTube’s New Cross Promotion Feature Makes Branding, Discovery Easier

YouTube’s New Cross Promotion Feature Makes Branding, Discovery Easier

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Have multiple YouTube channels and want an easier way to promote them all? Perhaps your content is scattered far and wide across the site because of a past marketing strategy? In an ideal world, all of your video content would be under your control and with YouTube’s new cross promotion feature you can at least now integrate videos from other users on your own channel, which is a great start if you have content elsewhere on the site that other’s have produced for you or that you have collaborated on or perhaps because you just want to promote others’ work because you are nice like that.

And content elsewhere could of course mean across multiple channels that you yourself own. Many brands and producers have more than one channel for the different types of content they produce and at last you can mix and match the best of these in one place.

Multi Channel Playlists

YouTube now gives you the ability to feature any playlist from another channel as a section on yours. You just need to select the “Enter a playlist URL” option when creating that playlist:

youtube cross promotion playlist

Once completed, you’ll see that the new playlist will feature the other channels branding, thus distinguishing it from your own content:

youtube cross promotion playlist branding

Multi-Channel Feature For Increased Brand Visibility

If you do have multiple channels for your brand or business then the Multi-Channel feature is an even more efficient way of presenting that content to the viewer of any one of those channels. The aim being to turn your channel into a single destination for potential viewers, giving them the option to explore (and subscribe to) the other videos that you produce. The Young Turks channel already utilises this feature very successfully:

TYT Network Youtube

You can enable this feature by selecting “Channel” in the “Select Content” drop down feature when adding a new section. If you have multiple channels I would suggest amalgamating them now across all that you own for consistency and better visibility. Let us know what you think.


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