The YouTube Creator Playbook Version 2 Is Here: Take The World By Storm

The YouTube Creator Playbook Version 2 Is Here: Take The World By Storm

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That nasty ol’ scallywag Greg Jarboe was right: The YouTube Creator Playbook Version 2 has exactly the changes he said it would.  And now everyone can see it (Click Here).  It’s right there, just waiting to be used.  Here’s what you need to know: it has some cosmetic changes, they’ve moved the Analytics page to the very front, and there’s a whole section now on appealing to a worldwide audience.  In other words, stop being lazy with the English, people.  There are other languages out there.  And with the tools YouTube provides, you can make your video pop in France.

The Changes: A New Emphasis On Worldwide Appeal

YouTube Analytics is now the prologue to the Creator Playbook.  That tool right there tells you what is working and what isn’t with your videos.  You can see where people are rewinding the video, where your video drops viewers, to whom your videos are appealing, and I’m almost certain that you might be able to discern the meaning of life from Analytics, although Google is still too modest to admit that.

So I looked at this thing and pretty much all the sections from the original are intact, not much change, and then, bam…page 63 of the Playbook is talking about “Reaching All Audiences.”  You shouldn’t be content with just your mom anymore, there are entire cultures of people out there.  And it’s no surprise the examples the Playbook gives for appealing to a wide audience.  Videos that transcend cultures.  Everyone likes seeing a cat freak out, music and dance, animation, stuff that no matter what the language, you can enjoy it.  But if you have something with a bit of a language barrier, YouTube can auto-translate English captions into something…probably hilarious in another language (but that kind of stuff is getting better all the time).

And if you aren’t using captions yet, why the heck not?  Captioning gives YouTube’s search engine all sorts of information about your video that can then be put through their super secret matrix for better finding your video.  Even better if some guy in South Africa is trying to search for something that has an Afrikaans track.

This should be a fun aspect to making your videos, too.  I think seeing your video with all sorts of language availability is mad pimp.  That is to say, “cool” or “awesome” or “driving your potential audience from a handful to a boatload.”

The Playbook, despite its many version upgrades, still talks about custom thumbnails like you can just do them no matter who you are.  YouTube and Google are still amazingly weird about this aspect of the site.  While I see the potential for people to abuse custom thumbnails, that’s what I thought policing that kind of nonsense was for, and it doesn’t stop some partners from being misleading with their thumbnails, either.  Still, a simple, “Only Partners Can Create Custom Thumbnails, And That’s The Rule, You Filthy Pig-Dogs,” would have been helpful in the Playbook.  That’s all I’m saying.  If you want to have the rule and keep the reasons to yourself, fine.  Just don’t tell people it’s as easy as microwave popcorn.  A few days ago Tim talked about a trick you can do, but you may not want to try it for several reasons.

Anyway, the new Playbook is here.  It emphasizes worldwide dominance.  Take advantage.


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