‘Creator Credits’ Enabled for YouTube Channels with 10K+ Subscribers

‘Creator Credits’ Enabled for YouTube Channels with 10K+ Subscribers

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Unless you are a wizard at multi-tasking, you may often have called upon the help of others when creating your video content. Whether that’s a producer, an editor, a collaborator, a co-star, or a mate who has let you borrow their basement for filming – if those people are on YouTube, you can now officially acknowledge their help.

YouTube has enabled ‘Creditor Credits’ for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers. Creators have always been able to link to other channels in the description field, but the new feature, first touted at VidCon in June, (along with 60fps video capability which also went live this week), goes into a little more depth and makes it much easier to tag a channel under a defined role.

YouTube Creator Credits: How To Tag Other Creators

The new Creator Credits feature allows you to define a role for each collaborator you want to give credit to, and allows you to link directly to their channel. It’s very easy to implement too. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. If your channel is eligible, you will see this new feature on your ‘Info and Settings’ section of the video you want to use.
  2. There will be several options you can chose from, depending on the role of the collaborator. For our Behind the Reel series, we interviewed ex-ReelSEO editors Jeremy and Chris from CinemaSins. We can now go back into that video and cite them by clicking on ‘Add Role’, choosing ‘Collaborators’ and adding the URL of their channel.
  3. We also want to credit Andy Smith as the interviewer, and producer, so let’s give him the role of ‘Executive Producer’, and add his channel too.

youtube creator credits

Once those changes have been saved, the credits will automatically show at the bottom of the video description field. Viewers can click straight through to the channels we have cited:

creator credits deciption field

There are a decent number of roles to choose from, including:

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Actor
  • Cinematographer
  • Collaborator
  • Producer
  • Extra
  • Makeup Artist
  • Writer
  • Music

Multiple channels can be linked to under each role. The creator that’s been credited receives a notification, plus a link to an IMDB-type page, that confirms their attributes on YouTube.

Although only YouTube channels with 10K plus subscribers have this feature enabled at the moment, YouTube confirms that it will be rolling it out across the rest of the site in the near future. Yay!


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