How YouTube Collaborations Can Drive a Hero, Hub, Hygiene Marketing Strategy

How YouTube Collaborations Can Drive a Hero, Hub, Hygiene Marketing Strategy

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Brands, marketers, and creators who keep a close eye on what it takes to succeed on YouTube should be familiar with the ‘Hero, Hub, and Hygiene’ content strategy framework. YouTube is keen to educate brands on the type of video content that works, and have broken that down into separate approaches.

The strategy may make complete sense to you, but you are still struggling to find inspiration or a creative team that could help. This is where a collaboration with an independent YouTube creator could really work in your best interests. And the most exciting thing is that you could partner up with different creators for each approach.

What is YouTube’s Hero, Hub, Hygiene Content Strategy?

youtube creator playbook brandsThe YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands, released in 2014, recommends a three-pronged strategy for successful video content, and identifies the type of videos that work well for brands. YouTube want creators to do well, not least of all because compelling, entertaining and informative content drives consistent traffic to the site, which not only benefits video publishers, it of course benefits YouTube itself. The Playbook recommends that brands create these different types of videos in a bid to grow their subscriber base, their organic views, and their level of audience engagement. The three different types of video content are:

  • Hero: Awesome, one-off videos that capture the public’s attention. Think viral.
  • Hygiene: ‘Always-on’ videos that are optimized to keep viewer’s interested
  • Hub: Regular, consistent content, geared around customers’ major passions and interests

YouTube Collaborations: Creating Hero, or One-off Content

Hero content, the stuff that has the potential to go viral, and drive an enormous amount of views to a branded YouTube channel, is notoriously difficult to create. Viewers, especially Millennials who have grown up with the Internet at their fingertips, demand passion, entertainment and authenticity in the YouTubers they watch and follow. This presents an amazing opportunity for brands to leverage the power of independent creators, and reach a new level of audience who may never have tuned into their channel, or it fact, have heard of their brand.

In the example below, technology firm Lenovo, teamed up with the Slow Mo guys, Gav and Dan as they tested the brand’s laptop capabilities in a series of wacky experiments. The video has generated just under 2 million views, and still attracts around 41 views per hour, even after more than 3 years after it was uploaded.

YouTube Collaborations: Creating Hygiene, or Evergreen Content

Evergreen video content is the type that consistently appears in the search results, long after the buzz of the Hero video has died down. While other videos work really well because they dovetail with a current or seasonal event, evergreen content should work all-year round for the brand, from the day of launch to many months, or even years, later. Evergreen, or hygiene content, plays the long-game, providing information or entertainment for the viewer on a long-term basis, and generating views, and building up the fan base for the brand long after the video has been uploaded.

Make-up tutorials are a fantastic example of this and many cosmetic brands are sponsoring independent unboxing, haul videos, or tutorials, as they know that the creator has a loyal fan-base that will watch, but these types of videos attract hundreds of millions of viewers who or searching for a particular look or product review.

YouTube Collaborations: Creating Hub Content

Hub content are the type of consistently produced videos created by a brand to promote products or services. According to the YouTube Playbook for Brands, Hub content should be regularly updated, valuable and engaging, and should encourage viewers to engage with the brand by subscribing to the channel, or liking or sharing the video. Viewers who engage with Hub content tend to be familiar with the brand, and receptive to videos that revolve around the products or services they provide. Using independent YouTube creators to within this Hub content is a great way of pulling in a new audience, or giving the existing audience something different to watch.

Finding Independent YouTube Creators to Work With

So, now we’ve convinced you that collaborations with other YouTubers can be a very effective marketing strategy, how do you find the best people to work with? This can be a challenge if you are new to the world of video marketing, as YouTube is a big place with millions of creator channels, and it can be a daunting task to find the right personality fit for your brand. Luckily, platforms like FameBit make this process very easy, for both brands, and creators alike.

FameBit offers a self-service solution, giving brands the opportunity to set their own budget from the get-go, so no nasty surprises for the finance team. That can be as low as $100 per video, which is perfect for smaller brands to test the water with. The brand confirms the type of video content they want to make, and puts that out to tender, via the FameBit site. Interested YouTube creators send back their proposals to the brand within minutes, and if they are a good fit, the deal goes ahead and both parties work together to create engaging, compelling content. The great thing about this approach is that brands can work with as many different creators in their vertical (and even beyond in some cases) as they want and be closely involved in the process, creating affordable hero, hub, and hygiene videos that will reach far beyond their usual target audience.

Disclosure: FameBit is an advertising partner of This article was independently written by ReelSEO staff. As always, despite any compensation, we only recommend products and services that we truly believe are beneficial to the community.


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