7 YouTube Channels We Would Actually Pay For

7 YouTube Channels We Would Actually Pay For

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YouTube started offering paid subscription channels last week.  So we’d like to take a minute to celebrate those channels which are currently free but if they weren’t we’d cough up whatever it takes to watch them. These are the creators who consistently produce videos that are entertaining, funny, thought provoking, insane or just plain laugh out loud daft. Warning: Some of the following videos are a bit sweary but the funnier for it.


Ze Frank started experimenting with online video back in 2006 and now has 394,081 subscribers to his two channels ZeFrank1 and ZeFrankenFriends. His brilliantly WTF videos attract hundreds of thousands of views within days and combine terrifically twisted dark humour with unexpected pathos. I get so ridiculously excited at every new video he releases I just want to pick up the internet and give it a big squeeze to say thank you (except the True Facts About Ducks one. Nope). Also EVP of Video at Buzzfeed, he manages to make the mundane and trivial completely fascinating by giving us just a peek into unknown worlds such as this:

But then he also goes and does something like this. Dammit.

You should subscribe here and here, immediately.


The thumbnails on the YouTube landing page for the HowToBasic YouTube channel give little clue as to the chaos and carnage within. With (at time of writing) 780,158 subscribers and 108,932,949 views, the HowToBasic offers narrator-free “tutorials” for basic life skills such as how to make a fruit salad and how to correctly serve a watermelon. Their ‘How To Correctly Open a Jar‘ should be compulsory viewing in schools.

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Bad Lip Reading

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t been able to make it the whole way through of any of the videos on the Bad Lip Reading channel because I can’t breathe for laughing and have to stop before I pass out. With 2,147,262 subscribers, their biggest hit, ‘The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading’ has racked up 36,590,526 views since being uploaded in January 2013. Enjoy:

Subscribe here especially if you are having a bad day.


Fun Friday favorite, VSauce, is, according to the ever reliable Urban Dictionary:

The single reason why YouTube hasn’t been named the most moronic place on the web

Praise indeed. VSauce, created by Michael Stevens, make videos about various scientific, technological and gaming topics along with sister channels VSauce2, VSauce3 & WeSauce. The 4 channels combined have a 5,607,131 strong subscriber base with a total of (at time of writing) 578,614,157 views.

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Stuart Ashen, a “British idiot in an ill-fitting suit” creates video reviews of the worst pieces of tat he can find, especially fake gadgets and nasty looking toys. Here he is reviewing some hideous souvenirs still hanging around from the 2012 Olympics but please take some time to watch the Valentines Special.

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My Drunk Kitchen

Who hasn’t attempted to rustle up a 3 course meal at 4 in the morning after 12 malibu and cokes eh? Well *cough* I’m not the only one as Hannah Hart has created a whole YouTube channel around her night time culinary adventures. My Drunk Kitchen, with new videos every Tuesday and Thursday has been so successful that the host is now taking it on tour.

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Excellent nit picking and pedantry skills from the team behind CinemaSins. They have tackled Life of Pi, The Hobbit, Great Gatsby and The Dark Knight amongst others – attempting to point out as many fails as possible within an allotted time frame. Great fun for all the family!

Subscribe here if you like your films ripped apart for errors


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