Upgrade Your YouTube Channels… Or Else

Upgrade Your YouTube Channels… Or Else

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YouTube is tired of waiting for you to upgrade your YouTube channel. If you’re one of the many folks I’ve met who are upset about the latest YouTube redesign and layout, rolled out a couple months ago, you’re about to get some very bad news: YouTube has announced that on March 7, just a few days from now, all channels will be forced to upgrade to the new look, whether they like it or not.

Get Ready To Get Used To The New YouTube Channels

YouTube is pretty emphatic that the new layout will help channels find new viewers and keep them coming back–and I do know a great many people who prefer the new look. However, as always happens when a major site makes a change, there are legions of disappointed users, and they’re not exactly being quiet about it.

The company even offers a preemptive attempt to sooth angry users with an entire paragraph in the blog post announcement subtitled, “I’m freaking out – please don’t change this.” In that section, YouTube says:

We know change is never easy, especially when it’s something you’ve spent lots of time and effort on. Even more, there are human beings at YouTube who look at every piece of feedback, bucket them into categories, and work with product teams to address them each week. So whenever you see a blue “Send Feedback” link, know that that’s not some decorative ornament. It’s for real. So give your feedback because we (humans) need it to keep creating ways for YouTube to showcase your channels.

There’s a checklist they created to help you upgrade your channel and make sure you don’t miss any steps, and most users should be able to make the necessary changes in just 15 minutes or so.

YouTube is committed to this path of being a sort of online cable operator, bringing you channel after channel of themed content. Most of the unhappy users will, eventually, make the best of things and adapt to the new set up. And right about then, if Murphy and his law are still at work, YouTube will probably roll out another major upgrade.


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